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  • Slovakia: best cities for immigration

    Slovakia: best cities for immigration

    The 3 cities in Slovakia to immigrate to. Slovakia is a country of ancient cities with preserved authentic and medieval buildings. In many cities, historical centers often contain beautiful squares, sacred and cultural monuments, or city castles. There are 18 cities whose role in shaping history is of immense value.

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  • Slovakia: guide on tax system

    Slovakia: guide on tax system

    The tax system in Slovakia. The tax system in Slovakia (system) is a broader concept than the tax composition. The tax system includes: are concepts used in connection with tax issues.

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  • Slovakia: best schools

    Slovakia: best schools

    Best schools in Slovakia. If we compare the educational systems in the countries of the post-Soviet space and Slovakia, they are not much different. There is also a nursery, a kindergarten, a school, a technical school, a university, etc.

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  • Slovakia: expat guide education system

    Slovakia: expat guide education system

    Education in Slovakia. Slovakia offers students higher professional education programs in many specialties. To obtain a diploma with a master’s or doctoral degree, high school graduates go to higher schools – universities. Higher schools are subdivided into universities, special and others.

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  • Slovakia: tips for travellers

    Slovakia: tips for travellers

    Travel advise for Slovakia. Modest Slovakia has a small territory, but what a! Its landscapes are home to mountain ranges known to the whole world: Tatras, Small and White Carpathians, Ore Mountains, Yavornik, Malaya Fatra.

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  • Slovakia: living as an expat

    Slovakia: living as an expat

    Living in Slovakia expat life. Slovakia is a calm and comfortable region, where people feel completely safe. The culture of society’s behavior is at a high level. Cleanliness and order on the city streets, good roads, and modern infrastructure, a real European standard of living.

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