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Slovakia: best schools

Flag of Slovakia

The fundamental difference is that, as such, there is no tuition fee in Slovakia, it is provided and rendered free of charge. Few people know about this small European country. until recently, it was an integral part of one joint state with the Czech Republic, but its rapid growth, stable economy, favorable climate, infrastructure development, recreation, and tourism are attracting more and more attention every year.

Thanks to reforms and significant investments in the country’s education, the authorities were able to make education free of charge, bring the system itself to the European level and achieve a good level of training.

Primary schools

Secondary education in Slovakia is compulsory for all children between the ages of 6 and 16, including foreigners. Therefore, immigrants are simply obliged to provide their children with education in one of the schools in the country.

School education is designed for 10 years. The training is divided into two stages:

1-4 grade. One primary school teacher teaches all subjects.

5-9 grade. Different subject teachers and class teachers work with children.

Secondary schools (Stredné školy)

After graduating from primary school, students enter secondary school. The secondary school in Slovakia performs the functions of secondary specialized educational institutions. These are analogs of Russian schools, technical schools, and colleges. Secondary school is an intermediate link between school and university, education in it is mandatory for those who decide to enter university and get higher education.

The conditions for admission to secondary school vary and depend on the specific educational institution. Typically, students must pass written exams. Academic performance is usually taken into account. Education in public and church schools is free, in private – paid, and the cost of educational services provided can vary greatly depending on the school.

Students can choose a high school according to their interests and professional goals. There are two types of secondary schools: gymnasiums and secondary special schools.

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Education in a gymnasium lasts 4 years and is aimed at obtaining a general education, which, first of all, is necessary for admission to a university. There are grammar schools with linguistic, sports, creative, and mathematical biases. Some gymnasiums are bilingual – German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, English and others, in which, as a rule, training lasts 5 years. Secondary vocational education ends with final examinations, which in Slovakia are called “maturitu”. Students receive a high school diploma, which is required to enter the university.

The best gymnasiums:

  1. Novohradská 3, Bratislava
  2. Komenského 215, Sučany
  3. Poštová 9, Košice

Secondary special schools 

Secondary specialized schools train junior specialists in several areas: economics, tourism and hotel industry, pedagogy, and others. As a rule, training in such educational institutions lasts 4 years. For some specialties, it can be extended for one more year.

Trading Academy. Students study at the trading academy for 4 years. In some private trading academies, it is possible to complete external training in 2-3 years. Graduates of such secondary schools receive specialized secondary education with an economic bias. Students have the opportunity to undergo practical training in accounting. There are also bilingual trading academies.

The Hospitality Academy offers specialized training in the hospitality, culinary, and restaurant arts. After three years of study, students receive a high school diploma of this type. If you wish to continue your studies at the university, the student can take “maturitu” within the next two years.

Other secondary special schools offer specialized secondary education programs in various fields: pedagogical, medical, services (hairdressing, cosmetology, photography), and technical areas (electrical, construction, engineering, transport, and others).

Best Secondary Vocational Schools:

  1. Plzenská 1, Prešov
  2. Kukučínova 2, Trnava
  3. MUDr. Alexandra 29, Kežmarok

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