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Immigration to Slovakia from Pakistan

Slovakia is a country in central Europe with a diversified population, stunning architecture, and historic traditions. Since it is a desired and popular site, millions of people visit there every year from all over the globe. However, not everyone would find it as simple to fly to Slovakia. The majority of visitors from outside must apply for visas to Slovakia, including Pakistani citizens. Sometimes a visa is necessary, even for a straightforward tourist visit. Slovakia offers a variety of visa categories, depending on whether a person is traveling for business, leisure, transit, job, education, or family-related purposes.

Flag of Slovakia

Slovakia visa categories

Once in a while, it may be challenging to pick the sort of travel pass you need. Contingent upon your normal span of stay or the reason for your outing, you might pick between a Schengen (vacationer) and a long-term visa.


This kind allows its holder to enter Slovakia or another Schengen country for a temporary stay of up to 90 days. Normally, it is given out for individual, professional, or familial reasons. There is no requirement for a residency license.

D visa

This form should be obtained to go to Slovakia to study, live, or work for a longer term than 90-day term. The D visa, frequently referred to as a national visa, is given to foreign nationals like Pakistani citizens and has a 365-day (or one-year) legitimacy term. When traveling, the holder is allowed a three-month stay in other Schengen countries. Both a work permit and a residence permit are required.

How to get a visa for Slovakia

This is how to get it:

Schedule a meeting with the embassy of Slovakia

You should plan an arrangement before presenting your visa application at the Slovakian embassy/consulate, or one of the visa handling offices. To make an arrangement, reach out to them or go there face to face.

Complete the application for a visa

The application form must be filled out and signed with your personal and background information. There are several questions on the application form that you must honestly answer and fill out. Put NA (no response) in any questions that don’t apply to you. To prevent making errors that might lead to the denial of your visa, it is advised to read the instructions on how to complete the application.

Submit the paperwork

The following papers must be submitted when applying for a visa to Slovakia:

  • Filled application form.
  • Authentic passport.
  • 2 photographs the size of a passport. 
  • Cover letter.
  • Flight schedule.
  • Evidence of accommodations.
  • Sources of support.
  • Travel medical coverage.

Remit the charge

A charge of €60 must be paid to apply for a Slovak visa. You may have to pay an administrative charge as well as an extra price for the services offered by the visa center if you submit your application via one. A contract between the external service provider and the Slovak Republic’s minister of foreign and European affairs governs the service charge, which is determined by the location.

Send the application in

The visa center or the diplomatic post must receive the application in person. When a kid is involved, their legal guardian must file the application. The diplomatic mission may waive the necessity of your attendance under unusual circumstances.

Await response

Keep an eye out for the embassy’s response after filing your application. The answer to your application for a long-stay visa can take several weeks.

Process length

An application is ordinarily handled in 10 to 15 days. Your application should be presented no sooner than a half year and no later than 15 days before your flight date. The embassy decides on a D (long-stay) application within 30 days after submission. Although there may be delays for a variety of reasons, keep in mind that the processing time for your application may be longer.

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