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Slovakia: best cities for immigration

Flag of Slovakia

These cities have a special status. In Slovakia, they were recognized as urban monuments and reserves. Among the cities-monuments, Bardejov and Banska Stiavnica are even included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Most of the city’s monument reserves are located in the Spis region and in the mining towns. Certain cities of Slovakia offer their visitors a rich excursion to various historical monuments.

List of cities in Slovakia by population

Slovakia is rightfully considered a “sunny country”, whose citizens are very kind and cheerful. Those immigrants who once moved to this country have never regretted their choice. This is evidenced by the many positive reviews of permanent residence in Slovakia. Slovaks are very good-natured towards Ukrainian visitors.

They honor the traditions of our ancestors and are sensitive to ancient culture and customs. National holidays are met by the townspeople in costumes accompanied by ancient music. This flavor inspires every visitor to this country. Therefore, in Slovakia, no one will feel like a stranger and useless to anyone.

Of course, as in any other country, the SR has large, nationally significant cities. Many people strive to get precisely to densely populated cities, in search of new career opportunities and life in general. Below are the major cities of Slovakia:


It is home to about 429.5 thousand people. Bratislava is one of the youngest capitals in Europe. However, it is a city steeped in history as a free royal coronation city. Today Bratislava is a dynamically developing metropolis full of young and charming people who breathe a pleasant and unique atmosphere. Its location in the very heart of Europe, on the banks of the Danube, has made it an important crossroads of trade routes and a meeting place for many cultures from the very beginning.

aerial photography of houses and buildings near body of water during daytime


The population of the city is 239 thousand inhabitants, excluding guests. This is the first European city to receive its own coat of arms. In 1369, King Ludovic Wielki presented it for the first time to a legal entity – the city of Kosice. Kosice became known as the site of the oldest European marathon and the second oldest marathon in the world – the International Peace Marathon (founded in 1924).

brown and white cathedral photograph

It starts in Kosice on the first Sunday in October. The Dome of St. Elizabeth is the easternmost Gothic cathedral in Europe. The historic center is the largest urban nature reserve in the Slovak Republic. The oldest secondary school in Central Europe was founded in Kosice – in 1872 the Secondary Industrial School of Mechanical Engineering. The city is home to the largest zoo in Central Europe (288 ha) and the famous Slovak botanical garden with the largest collection of cacti in former Czechoslovakia.


An important economic and administrative center of eastern Slovakia. Already in the past, historically since the moment of granting city rights, it has been focused on management activities, which at first influenced only the nearby towns and villages, and then the entire region. This is due to its geographical location, as it is built at the crossroads of the former major trade routes.

Presov, with a population of 91,782 (2011 census of houses and dwellings) is the third-largest city in Slovakia. It is home to several regional authorities, as well as the administrative center of the Presov Self-Governing Region, which is the largest in Slovakia.

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