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  • Buying property in Belgium as Indian citizen

    Buying property in Belgium as Indian citizen

    It is not against the law for Indians to purchase real estate or a property or take out a mortgage in Belgium. In contrast to non-resident purchases, there are significant tax ramifications for Belgian citizens. You may read up on the rules for Belgian visas for visitors as well as any relevant Belgian taxes. Belgian…

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  • Finding accommodation in Belgium 

    Finding accommodation in Belgium 

    Despite having a modest overall population, Belgium is a major player on the international stage and is routinely rated as one of the best places to live in the world. Brussels has plenty to offer any type of expat, whether they are searching for international services and amenities or cutting-edge culture. Finding accommodation in this…

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  • Main reasons why visa in Belgium gets denied 

    Main reasons why visa in Belgium gets denied 

    Belgium is a stunning nation in Western Europe. It is renowned for its extensive history, stunning architecture, and varied cultural heritage. Belgium is a popular destination for tourists, students, and professionals from all over the world. However, obtaining a visa for Belgium can be a challenging process. The Belgian government has strict requirements for visa…

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  • Reasons to immigrate to Belgium

    Reasons to immigrate to Belgium

    Belgium is a nation with a lot to offer and it has a long history as a cross-cultural hub in the middle of Europe. Numerous international visitors go there in search of career or business possibilities and profit from the nation’s proximity to other significant European nations. One nation that attracts visitors, students, and individuals…

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  • Belgium: cost of relocation

    Belgium: cost of relocation

    Price of immigration to Belgium. Belgium is divided into two areas: a Germanic north and Latin south. Although very different, it’s a fairly small country with a densely packed population. It’s most known for its part in the European Union, where its capital, Brussels, serves as the union’s headquarters.

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  • Belgium: best kindergartens

    Belgium: best kindergartens

    Best kindergartens in Belgium. Education in Belgium is considered to be one of the best in Europe, and special importance is attached to preschool education. Kindergartens in Belgium are adorned with the slogans “The child is the king”, and “Every child is the value of the crown” and these are not empty words.

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  • Belgium: education guide for immigrants

    Belgium: education guide for immigrants

    Education in Belgium – expat guide. Belgium is one of the most attractive countries in the European Union in terms of immigration. There are many reasons why: political stability, favorable taxation, developed social infrastructure, low real estate prices, and the existence of a Schengen agreement in the country.

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  • Belgium: real estate purchase

    Belgium: real estate purchase

    Buying property in Belgium. Belgium is one of the most stable and prosperous countries in Europe. The Belgian real estate market is characterized by high liquidity and investment attractiveness.

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  • Belgium: best cities for living

    Belgium: best cities for living

    Best cities to live in Belgium. Thanks to the high standard of a living, stable economy, and developed institutions of democracy, Belgium is a great place to live, work, study and do business. So we provide a ranking of the top five cities for immigration and residence in Belgium in 2020.

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  • Belgium: bank for account opening

    Belgium: bank for account opening

    Banks for account opening In Belgium. Belgium has one of the most active banking systems and it can be regarded as the financial center in mainland Europe. Most Belgian banks aim at positioning the country at the forefront of a truly cashless society.

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