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Getting an employment visa – work permit in Slovakia

Any non-EU person who desires to work in Slovakia for a living must apply for a work visa. Depending on how long you plan to stay in Slovakia, there are several job opportunities to suit various vocations, and you can apply for a variety of work permits. EU/EEA citizens do not require a visa to work in Slovakia, however, they must register their new abode after three months of presence. 

Slovakia work visa types

Depending on your job or kind of employment, you may apply for any of the following Slovakia work visa categories:

Slovakia single permit (temporary residence for the intent of work)

One of the most popular categories of work visas for foreigners seeking employment in Slovakia is this one. You may work in the nation without requesting a work permit for a single permit. However, the potential of filling a vacancy must be confirmed before this kind of visa is granted. Before you apply for a single permit, your prospective employer must notify the Labor Office of a work opening.

Permit to work

In certain particular circumstances, a work visa is granted in Slovakia. Therefore, this will rely on your position and the kind of job. For instance, if you wish to work for the first year after entering the nation and you have a temporary residence visa based on family reunification, you will require this. Your company must notify the Labor Office of the employment vacancy at least 10 days before you may apply for this authorization.

Seasonal work

This short-term work permit is given out when a job activity lasts no longer than 180 days in a calendar year. Depending on whether you need a Schengen visa to enter Slovakia, different regulations apply to citizens of third countries.

The EU blue card

This is the kind of temporary residence permit given to citizens of other countries who are highly qualified for work in Slovakia and satisfy the prerequisites. Its bearer has the right to go to Slovakia, live there, and engage in employment there.

Slovakia’s requirements for work visas

Depending on the sort of employment you seek, you may be required to submit several papers, but they often include the ones listed below:

  • the application form;
  • an employment contract;
  • records about your schooling;
  • power of attorney in writing;
  • an active passport;
  • a copy of your identification card (if applicable);
  • Two colored pictures (3 x 3.5 cm);
  • proof of a spotless criminal history;
  • evidence of accommodation;
  • additional paperwork required by the Labor Office.

Document instructions

The application and supporting materials must be provided in Slovak. Every official document has to be translated into Slovak and have the seal of a qualified translator affixed. An official translation in Czech may also be submitted, but it has to be authenticated by the Slovak embassy recognized in the translation nation. Documents issued overseas must be legalized or validated with an apostille stamp. These include:

  • birth registration
  • a marriage license
  • legal authority
  • academic degrees
  • business licensing
  • court mandates

Application for a work visa for Slovakia

You must adhere to the guidelines listed below to apply for a Slovakia work visa:

Choose the appropriate visa category

You must first be certain of the kind of work visa you want to apply for. There are several different kinds of work visas, and you may need to submit a second application for a work permit for some of them. Therefore, confirm this with your company in Slovakia and get further information by getting in touch with an embassy or consulate.

Assemble your papers

Then, depending on the kind of visa you ask for, you may need to prepare a variety of papers for your work visa application.

Remit the visa fee

Before your application is assessed, you must pay the visa fee. When you visit the embassy or consulate, you could also be asked to pay any administrative expenses.

Turn in your application 

Finally, you may turn in your application to the relevant office in your home country on the day of your visa interview. If you’re already in Slovakia with a residence permit or are from a nation that has a visa facilitation agreement with Slovakia, you may apply for your work visa at a Foreign Police Department there.

Slovakia’s processing time for work visas

Depending on the embassy’s workload, your work visa application could be processed in three to six months or more. Regardless of how long it takes, you will be notified as soon as the embassy or consulate decides on your application. Please keep in mind that you must show proof of health insurance for each of these applications. Furthermore, if necessary, the embassy or labor office may request additional paperwork from you. 

Upon entering Slovakia

After your work visa application is granted, there are a few things you must undertake in Slovakia. First, make an application to a Foreign Police Department office for your work-based temporary resident visa. Second, as soon as you arrive in the country, register your address. Third, you must participate in either the government-run health insurance program or purchase private insurance; you must show proof of health insurance within 30 days of entering the country. 

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