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  • France: cost of immigration

    France: cost of immigration

    Price of immigration to France. As a major European superpower, France has long been a country of immigration, and the coming of newcomers especially from lower developed countries has been central to its political debate numerous times.

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  • France: best universities

    France: best universities

    Best Universities in France. The ranking of French universities aims to compare universities and highlight their specificities. For this 2021 ranking, we have chosen to highlight five main criteria: equal opportunities, academic success, research and publications, professional integration and remuneration, and finally the attractiveness of the university.

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  • France: how to become police officer

    France: how to become police officer

    Becoming a police officer in France.  In France, as in many other countries, the state is obliged to protect citizens and their property, maintain order and ensure the rule of law.

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  • Paris: landmark you must visit

    Paris: landmark you must visit

    TOP 10 things you must to do in Paris. Unsurprisingly, Paris is one of the most visited cities on the planet: between its legendary museums, mouth-watering cuisine, and the charm of its environment, the city has many opportunities to offer visitors and residents alike.

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  • France: dual citizenship obtaining

    France: dual citizenship obtaining

    Qualifying for dual nationality in France. If you want to live in France for as long as you want, you can either obtain a permanent residence permit or citizenship if you meet the requirements.

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  • Nuances of living in France

    Nuances of living in France

    Live in France. France is a country with a fascinating history and culture, an excellent climate and nature, a strong economy, and a developed democracy.

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  • France: passport obtaining

    France: passport obtaining

    French citizenship obtaining. France is a country especially attractive to immigrants. According to statistics, every year the state receives about 150,000 guests who stay here for permanent residence.

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  • France: rent apartment in Paris

    France: rent apartment in Paris

    Renting an apartment in Paris. Paris is the capital of France, the most beautiful and elegant city in the world, a symbol of love and romance, fashion and sophistication. Everybody is dreaming about Paris, walking around wide boulevards, shopping in a boutique, seeing the Eiffel Tower, and of course trying the national cuisine.

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  • France: healthcare system

    France: healthcare system

    French health care system guide. To obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit in France, you must conclude a health insurance contract. It is an essential condition for all non-residents applying for a French residence permit, the cost of insurance is 300 EUR per person.

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