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  • The top countries for retirement migration in Europe

    The top countries for retirement migration in Europe

    As people approach retirement age, many of them begin to imagine a new chapter in their lives and consider moving to another country. Retirement migration is a growing trend, fueled by a desire to experience new cultures, climates, and lifestyles. In this article, we will explore the top countries in Europe for retirement migration and…

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  • Latvia: passport by investment

    Latvia: passport by investment

    Latvia citizenship by investment. The Latvian government provides for the granting of citizenship to foreigners for investment in the country’s economic development. According to the Latvian Immigration Law, each applicant must legally reside in the territory of the state for 10 years to obtain citizenship.

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  • Latvia: regarding the visa

    Latvia: regarding the visa

    Latvia – all about visas. Latvia is a beautiful and ancient country located in northern Europe, in the very heart of the Baltic States. Travelers from all over the world are attracted by Latvia’s historic cities, interesting architecture, unique culture, ancient castles, and fortresses.

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  • Latvia: cost of immigration

    Latvia: cost of immigration

    Price of Immigration to Latvia. There are various sorts of visas that will apply to your trip to Latvia depending on the reason for your visit. You will need to apply for a different Latvian Schengen Visa depending on whether you plan to visit, study, work or live in Latvia permanently.

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  • Latvia: bank account

    Latvia: bank account

    How to open a bank account in Latvia. In recent years, Latvian banks have gained significant popularity. The reason for this trend is the numerous advantages provided by financial institutions in Latvia. Latvian banks are distinguished by enviable stability, due to which the bank guarantees the complete safety of all investments.

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  • Latvia: universities for higher education

    Latvia: universities for higher education

    Best universities to apply for in Latvia. In addition to the beaches of the Baltic Sea, clean air, and old cozy streets, Latvia can offer high-quality higher education of the European standard. Foreign students, as well as citizens of the country, are fully available to study at most public and private universities since many programs…

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  • Latvia: best cities for life

    Latvia: best cities for life

    Best cities to live in Latvia. Latvia is a small Baltic state with a population of just under 2 million, located in the northeastern part of Europe between Estonia and Lithuania.

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  • Latvia: citizenship for real estate

    Latvia: citizenship for real estate

    Latvia citizenship by investment to real estate. The Latvian residence Permit by Investment Program was launched in 2010 to attract foreign investors. The European program “Golden Visa” allows you to obtain a residence permit for EU citizenship in exchange for investment.

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  • Immigration guides: Latvia

    Immigration guides: Latvia

    Moving to Latvia – relocation guide. Immigration to Latvia, like to any other country, should be understood as the legitimate entry of foreign citizens into its territory for further stay for a long period, including obtaining citizenship.

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  • Latvia: economy and business opporunities

    Latvia: economy and business opporunities

    Business opportunities in Latvia economy. After Latvia acceded to the European Union, the country successfully emerged from the financial crisis of 2008-2009, which led to a significant decline in the Latvian economy.

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