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  • Slovakia: guide on tax system

    Slovakia: guide on tax system

    The tax system in Slovakia. The tax system in Slovakia (system) is a broader concept than the tax composition. The tax system includes: are concepts used in connection with tax issues.

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  • Finland: guide about the taxes

    Finland: guide about the taxes

    Expat’s guide on Finland tax system. Finland is a beautiful country with Friendly residents, hilly countryside, and one of the most beautiful sceneries in all of Europe. It’s no wonder this amazing country is a beacon for expats from the US, UK, and other parts of Europe and Asia.

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  • Poland: guide about the taxes

    Poland: guide about the taxes

    Expat’s guide on Poland tax system. The tax in Poland is paid by both residents and foreigners who have income in the country. According to modern tax legislation, a tax to be generally obligatory and gratuitous regular payments made by legal entities and individuals to the state treasury.

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  • Malta: about the taxes

    Malta: about the taxes

    Expat’s guide on Malta tax system. Malta is an attractive country for foreign investment; many businessmen choose it to do business around the world. The reason is simple: the government provides an opportunity to return part of the taxes.

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  • Taxes: lowest VAT countries

    Taxes: lowest VAT countries

    Countries with no income tax 2021. Taxes from individuals and legal entities are levied in any state. Treasury receipts provide an opportunity for the implementation of various social programs that further affect the quality of life of the population.

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  • Czechia: tax guide for expats

    Czechia: tax guide for expats

    Expat guide on Czechian tax system. The current tax system that is being used in the Czech Republic was established in 1993 and has proven over time to create a very reliable system for the government and its residents.

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  • Italy: taxes for expats

    Italy: taxes for expats

    Expat’s guide on Italy tax system.  Italy has one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Europe. Its ancient ruins, architecture, great-tasting cuisines, fun-filled people, and tourist-friendly policies make Italy a frequent travel destination for both expats and tourists.

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  • Expat guides: taxes in Latvia

    Expat guides: taxes in Latvia

    Expat’s guide on Latvia tax system in 2021. Taxpayers (residents) are Latvian companies and permanent representative offices (branches) of foreign companies. Distributed profits and payments equal to the distribution of profits are taxed. Retained earnings are not taxed.

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  • Portugal: how taxes works?

    Portugal: how taxes works?

    Taxes in Portugal. Portugal is a tax haven for ex-pats. Taxes in Portugal are one of the lowest in Europe.

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  • Belgian tax system

    Belgian tax system

    The Tax System In Belgium. Belgium possesses one of the strongest economies in the world. Located in the heart of Europe, Belgium possesses a multicultural population and history. Belgium is a major business center and has a conducive environment for creating high-yielding businesses.

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