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Slovakia: expat guide education system

Flag of Slovakia

The main conditions for admission to a university are graduating from high school, passing the final exams, and successfully passing the entrance interview. Sometimes high school performance is considered.

For the first time, higher education programs at state Slovak universities are usually available to students free of charge. Some forms of study (for example, external studies), continuing education, or an educational program in a foreign language (not in Slovak) can be paid.

In private universities, tuition is paid. Both the amount of payment and the conditions for admission are determined by a private university independently.

Higher professional education consists of three successive stages:

  • Bachelor

In the full-time form, training lasts 3-4 years.

  • Master / Engineer

For full-time studies, the duration of training is 1-3 years. After graduation, a degree (Mgr.) Or an engineer (Ing.)

  • Doctor

The training lasts up to 5 years, ends with the defense of a thesis, passing an exam, and obtaining a Ph.D. degree.

Education in Slovakia: foreign students

For foreign students, Slovakia offers several opportunities for free education. The full-time study of standard duration at public universities in the Slovak language is free for all students, regardless of their citizenship. The fees for other forms of education or tuition in a foreign language are set independently by universities. For students studying under international agreements, scholarships and other tuition-related payments are determined by these agreements.

For foreigners wishing to obtain higher education in Slovakia, state scholarships are provided. They are provided as part of the assistance program for developing countries. This program is part of the ongoing project of assistance to developing countries of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic (MFA SR).

Until the end of February each year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic provides the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country for a foreign student with the conditions for obtaining an education in public universities in the SR and the amount of the scholarship for the next academic year.

The scholarship application must be submitted electronically. All necessary documents must be attached to the application. After submitting the application and reviewing the documents, the Admissions Committee of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Sports of the SR (hereinafter the Ministry of Education) decides on the grant of a scholarship.

The scholarship is issued for a period of study of 5-6 years. At the same time, the scholarship holder must confirm his academic performance every year.

The scholarship holder is provided with:

  • a monthly stipend in a fixed amount (280 euros for undergraduate and graduate programs, 330 euros for doctoral programs);
  • student residence and meals in student canteens with payment in the same amount as for Slovak students;
  • state scholarship of the SR for 10 months of language and vocational training in case the applicant graduated from a secondary school outside of Slovakia or a school with the study of Slovak as a foreign language;
  • compulsory health insurance in the Slovak Republic. The student is required to have medical insurance for the entire period of study.
  • For good academic performance, a student can receive a scholarship supplement of 40 euros per month (170 euros for future doctors of science). Scholarship recipients are exempted from paying administrative fees for providing temporary accommodation during their studies.

Education in Slovakia: language training for foreigners

Slovakia has opened several language schools and courses for the study of the Slovak language for foreigners. Most courses are held in groups of 10 with one teacher. The intensity of classes: 2 times a week for 90 minutes. There are conversational courses, classes of which are held once a week for 90 minutes.

During the summer school holidays, in July and August, it is possible to attend short-term intensive language courses. After completing the courses and successfully passing the exams, you can get a certificate, including an international one, if there is such a need.

Foreign students who are awarded a scholarship take free intensive courses in the Slovak language before entering/starting their studies at the university. And the IOM Migration Information Center offers free Slovak language courses to everyone.

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