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  • Austria: work permit obtaining

    Austria: work permit obtaining

    Work permit in Austria. Austria is seen well by various groups and individuals, including students and eminent researchers, as a place to live and work. On the other hand, the regulations governing residency and work permits can initially appear to be cumbersome and bureaucratic.

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  • Austria: cost of relocation

    Austria: cost of relocation

    Price of Immigration to Austria. Austria is one of the world’s wealthiest countries in terms of per capita GDP, as well as one of the most powerful economies in the European Union. The country continues to be a popular tourist destination in Europe.

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  • Austria: FAQ

    Austria: FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions on Austria. Austria is a mountainous landlocked state located in south-central Europe and gets most of its powers and prominence from its geographical position.

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  • Austria: tax guide for immigrants

    Austria: tax guide for immigrants

    Expat guide Austrian tax system. Being one of the most beautiful and affluent countries in Europe, Austria is a prime tourist destination for foreigners and ex-pats from all over the world. Largely mountainous, it stretches for over 360 miles from east to west and attains most of its power from its geographic position.

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  • Austria: guide on work for immigrants

    Austria: guide on work for immigrants

    Finding a job in Austria as an immigrant. Vienna has been awarded the title of being the most livable city in the world for seven years in a row, this beautiful city is filled with fun-filled people, alluring sceneries, and some of the tastiest cuisines.

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  • Austria: healthcare system explained

    Austria: healthcare system explained

    Austrian healthcare system. Aside from offering its residents the highest quality of life on Earth, Austria has one of the most reliable social security systems and health services available in Europe.

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  • Austria: cost of life

    Austria: cost of life

    Cost of living in Austria. If you’ve ever been to this part of Europe, you’d know that Austria is one of the most beautiful places in the world. This country is filled with beauty, developed cities, and millions of hard-working residents. In one word, life in Austria is awesome.

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  • Austria: best bar to visit

    Austria: best bar to visit

    Best bars and pubs in Austria. When preparing for a trip to Austria, one can wonder, is its capital Vienna a party city, or how good is its nightlife with relation to how many bars and pubs this country has and, of course, taking into account their provided service quality, the overall atmosphere, and entertainment…

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  • Austria: work seeking in 2021

    Austria: work seeking in 2021

    Find a job in Austria – 2021. Austria is a prosperous and comfortable European country. It is rightly highly popular with foreigners. Getting a job in this country is invariably associated with a decent salary, stability, and confidence in your future.

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