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  • Finding accommodation in Denmark 

    Finding accommodation in Denmark 

    Denmark has a top-notch standard of living, to start. This Scandinavian nation scores highly for many prospective expats considering a move because of its cosmopolitan, young cities, beautiful and diverse natural areas, cleanliness, and low crime rate. Finding accommodation in Denmark can be an exciting and rewarding experience, whether you’re planning a short-term stay or…

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  • Main reasons why visa in Denmark gets denied 

    Main reasons why visa in Denmark gets denied 

    Denmark is a popular destination for tourists, students, and professionals from around the world. However, obtaining a visa to enter Denmark can sometimes be a challenging and frustrating process. Visa denials are not uncommon, and there are various reasons why an application may be rejected. In this article, you will explore the main reasons why…

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  • Buying property in Denmark – full guide

    Buying property in Denmark – full guide

    Non-EU residents in Denmark can purchase a property after residing for five years or with a valid residence or business permit. EU citizens employed in Denmark can buy without a permit. They must obtain Ministry of Justice approval, confirming the property as their primary residence year-round. Andelsboliger You could come across the word “andelsbolig” while…

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  • Getting an employment visa: Work permit in Denmark

    Getting an employment visa: Work permit in Denmark

    An employment visa and residence permit must be applied for by anyone who wants to work in Denmark. You must find employment and obtain an official employment letter from a Danish company in order to be eligible for a Danish employment pass. The actual application for a pass is a quick and simple process. The…

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  • Denmark: higher education for ex-pats

    Denmark: higher education for ex-pats

    Best Universities in Denmark for Foreigners. For foreigners, studying in Denmark is a good help for immigration to one of the most developed countries of the European Union. Denmark has a friendly population, low crime rates, and high wages.

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  • Denmark: residence permit obtaining

    Denmark: residence permit obtaining

    Residence Permit in Denmark. With over 5.5 million residents, Denmark is a prosperous and excellent country for business owners, students, and tourists. Like other EU member-states, it is a developed and industrialized country with a hardworking workforce, a stable economy, and a profitable market for both local and foreign goods.

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  • Denmark: dual citizenship obtaining

    Denmark: dual citizenship obtaining

    Qualifying for dual nationality in Denmark. The best thing about naturalizing for Denmark is that the whole process is smooth and will not stress you out whether you are completing your citizenship application in the country or abroad.

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  • Denmark: possibilities for business

    Denmark: possibilities for business

    Business Opportunities In Denmark. Economy The Kingdom of Denmark is a Nordic country in Northern Europe and one of the most iconic countries to visit. It is a beautiful island that boasts of rich arable land, sandy beaches, an industrious workforce, and culture-rich people.

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  • Immigration destinations: Denmark

    Immigration destinations: Denmark

    Immigration to Denmark. The Kingdom of Denmark is a Nordic country located in Northern Europe. Its glorious beaches, castles, lush forests, friendly residents, and reliable infrastructures have attracted millions of people from across the world.

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  • Startup Visa in Denmark in 2021

    Startup Visa in Denmark in 2021

    How to get a Denmark Startup Visa in 2021. If you are an entrepreneur, and you have an innovative business idea, you can get a Denmark startup visa through a government program.  Make sure that your business must improve the economic potential of the country and increase the number of jobs in Denmark.

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