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  • Best landmarks in Denmark

    Best landmarks in Denmark

    Places to visit in Denmark. Today, there are several most visited places in Denmark. All of them offer unique features characterizing the country. Among the most visited places in Denmark there are both natural wonders and human-made landmarks.

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  • Studying in Denmark

    Studying in Denmark

    Getting a degree in Denmark. Higher education system in Denmark has both – graduate and undergraduate levels of education. In general, higher education in Denmark is well recognized for the educational quality and diversity of academic programs.

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  • Human rights in Denmark

    Human rights in Denmark

    Human and social rights in Denmark. Danish constitution (Grundloven) guarantees the basic human and civil rights. In all international indexes of civil freedoms and human rights Denmark has high score, making Denmark one of the most democratic countries.

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  • Living in Denmark

    Living in Denmark

    Life in Denmark. Today, Denmark has several major cities with bustling everyday life, such cities are Copenhagen (the capital), Odense, Arhus and Aalborg. Every expat will be able to communicate with Danes living there in English.

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