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Denmark: higher education for ex-pats

Flag of Denmark

Danish universities provide quality education, and diplomas are recognized almost all over the world, which will allow you to find a good job in Denmark or another EU country.

How to apply to the University of Denmark

The rules for enrolling students in Danish universities depend on the citizenship of a foreigner, study program, and educational institution. First of all, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the requirements of a particular university in advance and prepare a list of documents under the conditions of the admissions committee. 

Basic requirements for foreigners for admission to the University of Denmark:

  • Recognition of qualifications. A high school diploma or, if available, a diploma from a foreign university that must be recognized in Denmark. You can check this on a special website – For some educational institutions in Denmark, a certificate with an 11-year education will be sufficient, provided that the average score is at least 4.5.
  • Language. Depending on the language of instruction, English or Danish, you must provide a certificate of language proficiency at a level sufficient for study. To study in English, any of the following certificates are accepted – TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge ESOL. Generally, a level B or higher is required according to the common European classification. Danish universities offer more than 1,300 courses in English.


Sometimes, upon admission to the University of Denmark, one is needed to pass an interview or take additional tests, including language ones. Online applications are submitted from February 1 to March 15 through a website – It is allowed to register for 8 educational programs. The answer comes no later than July 30th. Very often, foreigners are invited to take preparatory courses at the university itself.

Tuition fees

To move to Denmark for studying, foreigners will need to obtain a residence permit, where one of the main conditions, in addition to enrolling in a university, is confirmation of financial security.

Danes and Europeans are entitled to free higher education in Denmark. The rest of the foreign students should expect from 6 to 16 thousand euros per year, depending on the university and the program of study.

Many educational institutions in Denmark have bilateral agreements with foreign universities, including exchange programs, and foreign students can also count on special scholarships and grants.

Top universities in Denmark

The best universities in Denmark for foreigners are represented by the following three institutions:

University of Copenhagen 

The oldest university in Denmark. Moreover, it is one of the oldest in all of Scandinavia. It was founded back in 1479. Today, it is the best institution of higher education in the country, as evidenced by data from various international rankings.

Most of the training programs are taught in Danish. However, some courses in English and German are available for foreigners. More than 9 thousand employees of the university provide training for over 40 thousand students, many of whom are foreigners.

The infrastructure of the University of Copenhagen includes 4 campuses, dozens of research institutes and centers, museums, a botanical garden, and modern sports facilities. Students can study at 6 faculties of the university, including the fields of medicine, theology, social, legal, humanitarian, and natural sciences.

University of Aarhus

A relatively young and second most prestigious university in Denmark was founded in 1928. It is considered the largest university in the country, employing about 11.5 thousand employees and studying over 44.5 thousand students, of which 5 thousand are foreigners.

At one time, Aarhus University was visited by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, and the teachers were famous scientists, including Nobel laureates. The university actively cooperates with international organizations, government agencies, and large companies throughout the country.

Training is offered at 4 faculties: medicine, arts, economics and business, science and technology. Each of them includes a wide range of educational programs. The cost of training for foreigners ranges from 8 to 15.3 thousand euros per year, depending on the course.

Technical University of Denmark

One of the leading technical universities not only in Denmark but also in Europe was founded in 1829. The main emphasis in the educational process is placed on technical and natural sciences. Currently, over 10 thousand students are studying at the university. Teaching and administrative staff includes about 5.8 thousand employees.

The Technical University of Denmark offers students an extensive list of areas for study, the main of which are in the field of biotechnology, electrical engineering, agriculture, fisheries, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, information technology, space exploration, transport, design, and other areas. The university has a modern infrastructure and includes many research institutes, centers, and laboratories. The cost of training for foreign students is 15 thousand euros per year.

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