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Immigration to Denmark from India

Denmark serves as a point of entry into Europe. Denmark has a changed visa system to accommodate more immigrants, which has made immigration there easier. Additionally, it has made the process of obtaining a Danish Green Card, commonly known as a permanent resident visa, simple. The Green Card Scheme, Denmark’s favored visa choice, allows residence and employment if you fulfill point-based criteria, drawing the highest applicant interest. Indians would need a visa (travel pass) to enter Denmark.

Canal in Denmark

Visa types for immigrants to Denmark

Visa categories for Denmark include:

Business pass

You may apply for a business pass if you want to visit Denmark for brief employment or business. You cannot search for a new job in the country while you are on this visa. You need a letter from your company approving your trip for work-related reasons.

Student pass

You may apply for the Denmark Student Visa if you intend to finish your studies there. If you fulfill the requirements for the program you choose, you may choose to live and study in the country with this pass. You may be able to renew your permission under various schemes so you may seek work in the country.

Family pass

You might be granted a residence permit to live in Denmark under the Family Visa Category. If your spouse/partner, children, or other immediate family members are Danish citizens or have legal resident status, you may apply for a Family pass. The Family Reunification Scheme will grant you a residence visa if any of your kin reside in Denmark. This restriction applies to dependent partners, spouses, and children who want to go to the country to see their respective family members.

Work permit

The purpose of Denmark’s work visa program is to entice qualified foreign employees who can fulfill the country’s employment criteria and contribute to its economic growth. You must find legal employment in Denmark to get a work pass. There are many categories for work visas; you may choose the appropriate one if you match the requirements:

Green card program

The Green Card Scheme permits residence and work in Denmark as long as it’s valid. To prolong your stay, seek an extension when necessary. This program uses a completely points-based system that takes into account things like age, education, language ability, and more. Highly talented non-EU/EEA people may gain permanent residence and ultimately citizenship in the country under the points-based Denmark Green Card Scheme. Each year, the coveted Denmark Green Card program receives over 2,000 applications. To apply for a Denmark Green Card, you must:

  • Be a highly qualified employee.
  • An employment offer has been made to you by a Danish corporation.
  • You need to get 100 points on the point-based system.

Pay limit scheme

You are qualified to work in the country if a Danish firm has made you a very lucrative offer. Based on the Pay Limit Scheme, you are eligible to apply for employment and residency permits. Your annual salary must not be less than DKK 375,000. 

Denmark positive list

Your prospects of obtaining a work pass in Denmark are quite good if your profession is in great demand in the country and is included on the Denmark positive list. This list includes all the professions where there is a lack of trained labor and where acquiring skilled labor from outside is necessary to fill the gap.

How to get a visa for Denmark

Depending on the applicant’s country of citizenship, the visa application procedure differs. However, the following stages are included generally:

Assemble the necessary paperwork

You will need to provide numerous papers while applying for a Denmark visa, such as a passport, evidence of your financial stability, and proof of travel insurance.

Fill out the visa application form

The fee for applying for a visa must be paid.

Submit your application

Following the collection of the necessary paperwork, you may present your application online, through email, or face-to-face at a Danish consulate/embassy.

Required documentation

You will need the following documentation to support your Danish visa application:

  • A six-month passport that is still valid.
  • A finished visa application.
  • A photo that is passport-sized.
  • Evidence of enough money.
  • A letter outlining the goal of the trip.

The duration of the visa application process

Depending on the applicant’s country of citizenship, the processing period for a Denmark visa varies. The application procedure for visas typically takes two weeks. For other nations, the procedure might, however, take up to a month. The processing period for India is 15 days.

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