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  • Africa: 10 safe and beautiful countries

    Africa: 10 safe and beautiful countries

    10 safest and most beautiful countries in Africa. Africa is the second most populous continent since more than 1.1 billion people live here. Among the poor countries, there are also peaceful, safe, and interesting countries for tourists.

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  • Africa: tips before the visit

    Africa: tips before the visit

    Things you need to know before traveling to Africa. Africa is a beautiful continent, which is the second-largest in the world, with an area of ​​almost 30.2 million km. It is one of the most remote countries, but it has huge biodiversity, which made it a great safari destination.

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  • Africa: doctors wages

    Africa: doctors wages

    Work and salary of doctors in Africa for expats. Peaceful African countries have enjoyed great popularity among ex-pats for several decades. Finding vacancies in one of the steadily developing countries of Africa is quite simple because good doctors are always needed there.

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  • Africa: 5 most attractive countries to visit

    Africa: 5 most attractive countries to visit

    Top 5 best countries in Africa for visit. Africa is the hottest and second most populous continent in the world. Two thousand languages ​​are spoken here, hundreds of religions are practiced, and more than eight thousand nationalities live.

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  • Immigration guides: South Africa

    Immigration guides: South Africa

    How to immigrate to South Africa. South Africa is the most mature country in Africa. It is a mixture of many cultures and nationalities – only the official state languages ​​in South Africa are eleven: English, Afrikaans, Kosa, Zulu, Sesotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Venda, North Soto, South Ndebele, and Tswana.

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  • Madagascar visa application

    Madagascar visa application

    Madagascar visa acquisition procedure. Madagascar visitors must acquire visa to enter the country. If you visit Madagascar for recreation, sight-seeing, casual visit or to see your relatives, you can apply for Madagascar eVisa or Madagascar Visa online.

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  • Interesting destinations in Africa

    Interesting destinations in Africa

    Travel to Africa overview. Africa is second in the world in terms of the population as the amount of people in Africa is approximately 1,315,548,161. The continent is filled with wildlife and plants which are one of the biggest treasures.

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