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Africa: doctors wages

Africa on the globe

Moreover, qualified foreign medical professionals are highly respected in these countries.

What is Africa today

57 sovereign countries are located on the mainland, with a total population of 1.2 billion people. Africa has 15 self-proclaimed and 10 unrecognized states.

South Africa is the leader of the continent’s economic development in 2021. The republic is among the top 20 leading economies in the world. But at the same time, residents of Burundi, Liberia, Sierra Leone, the Central African Republic, and about 20 other states eke out a miserable existence on the mainland.

Given the individual level of social decline in each poor country, it is not the basic conditions for working as a doctor in Africa. Some polyclinics are not equipped and of poor quality. Patients can wait for an appointment at the hospital, sitting on the grass or lying in the corridors. Institutions may lack the simplest equipment. For example, most clinics do not have gynecological chairs and obstetric equipment.

The average salary of doctors in Africa

A person who works as a doctor in South Africa usually earns around € 4,126 per month. Wages range from € 1,516 (lowest average) to € 7,000 (highest average). If you are interested in salaries for a specific position, below there are salary details for specific positions.

  • Allergist – 62,200 ZAR (3 506 euro);
  • Clinical Psychologist – 105,000 ZAR (5 918 euro);
  • Correctional Treatment Specialist – 60,500 ZAR (3 410 euro);
  • Counseling Psychologist – 76,800 ZAR (4 329 euro);
  • Dermatologist – 100,000 ZAR (5 636 euro);
  • Dietitian – 61,300 ZAR (3 455 euro);
  • Doctor – 82,500 ZAR (4 650 euro);
  • Emergency Department Physician – 74,900 ZAR (4 222 euro);
  • Exercise Physiologist – 79,200 ZAR (4 464 euro);
  • General Medical Practitioner – 61,400 ZAR (3 461 euro);
  • Invasive Cardiologist – 131,000 ZAR (7 384 euro);
  • Mental Health Therapist – 55,200 ZAR (3 111 euro);
  • Neurologist – 98,500 ZAR (5 552 euro);
  • Ophthalmologist – 71,200 ZAR (4 01 3euro);
  • Pediatrician – 74,600 ZAR (4 205 euro);
  • Physical Therapist – 54,200 ZAR (3 055 euro);
  • Physician Assistant – 50,900 ZAR (2 869euro);
  • Physiotherapist – 56,900 ZAR (3 207 euro);
  • Psychiatrist – 84,400 ZAR (4 757 euro);
  • Psychologist – 83,100 ZAR (4 684 euro).

Which states should be considered for work in Africa

The best option would be the former colonies of Great Britain. The population is English-speaking. The standard of living is much higher than in other countries of the continent. Even though Britain officially gave independence to the states, it continues to operate in its territories.

South Africa remains the most attractive for labor immigration. There is a high standard of living here, even by European standards. The labor market is not in short supply. However, you can get a vacant position if you have high professional qualifications.

Western African countries in 2021 are very rich in gold and diamond deposits. At the same time, the population is living in poverty. The doctors here work in bad conditions but earn much more than in South Africa.

person wearing lavatory gown with green stethoscope on neck using phone while standing


There is a high infant mortality rate from malaria: about 76 children per 1000. Almost 6% of the population is HIV-infected. At the same time, Tanzania is one of the most attractive countries in Africa for tourists.


It is another promising country for employment as a doctor. Egypt has a high standard of living, a year-round tourist flow, and a civilized society. These are the main factors for considering this state for expat labor.

Other states 

If you cannot find a suitable vacancy in the profile in Egypt, Tanzania, or South Africa, you can consider other countries. Promising states include:

  • Algeria;
  • Ghana;
  • Nigeria;
  • Namibia;
  • Sudan;
  • Senegal;
  • Ethiopia;
  • Equatorial Guinea.

You should not choose countries located near the Sahara Desert. It will be very difficult to get used to the lack of water, which significantly complicates the working conditions.

How to look for a job of a doctor in Africa 

You can use the European method of job search: go to the continent as a tourist and find a job on the spot. This option may work in Egypt, South Africa, or Tanzania. As for the rest of Africa, there is an opportunity to contact international medical organizations, the United States, England, Germany, or China. Here you can get a social package and a high salary.

If you cannot find recruiting agencies of international health organizations, then you can turn to the services of intermediary recruiting companies. In this case, looking for a job through an intermediary will require the following:

  1. You have to pay for the services of a job search agency. It is imperative to read the contractual obligations, which indicate the conditions of employment and the size of the salary. No prepayment is required! You should pay for services upon their performance.
  2. Before contacting a recruiting company, you need to find out the reviews of clients who are already working as doctors in Africa. Thus, you can save your money, which scammers are hunting.
  3. Carefully study the conditions of departure for work abroad and the methods of returning home. The immigration laws of African countries are much stricter than in Europe. You can go to jail for minor offenses or carelessness. And the employer will have to rescue you from captivity.


If you are qualified medical staff and work as a doctor in a distant country does not scare you, keep in mind that you will also need a good knowledge of English to work in Africa. The ideal option is employment in an international humanitarian healthcare company.

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