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Africa: tips before the visit

Africa on the globe

If you choose tourism in Africa as your travel destination, you will not regret it. The city attracts many adventurers and gamblers, as it is not for faint-hearted travelers. But we need adventurers who can survive the most difficult circumstances. Get in touch with the facts you need to know if you decide to go there.

Africa is not a country

Many people think that Africa is a country, but this is not true. Africa is a large continent, the second largest in the world, and this beautiful continent is made up of 54 different countries. It has a population of nearly one billion and its inhabitants speak over 2,000 languages.

In recent years, the city has witnessed relative development, so you will find many essential basic amenities in it. In addition to luxury hotels and several shops, restaurants, and cafes. So if you’re afraid you won’t find the ingredients in Africa for the life you want, don’t worry. Africa has many amenities to make your trip easier.

Patience is a virtue before traveling to Africa

When it comes to public transport, it doesn’t have a specific arrival and departure timetable. It does not leave her station at a certain time but leaves when the corresponding number of people fills her. This can often take time. So you need to be a little patient. It will only be released when it is loaded with enough people, so be patient and wait. If you decide to use public transport in Africa, we must warn you

The public transport concept is not limited to public funds only. But anything in Africa can be public transport, albeit unofficially. But while it can take you to your destination, it is public transport.

Many things can put your life at risk

These are wonderful plants and animals that live in the parks of Africa – one of the main things that attract tourists to Africa. But you must treat them with gratitude and respect if you want to return home healthy and healthy. These parks are full of dangerous wild animals that you should beware of and not approach, such as lions, elephants, tigers, antelopes, and other predatory animals that you shouldn’t mess with at all.


green trees on brown grass field under white clouds and blue sky during daytime

Dust does not respect personal boundaries

Most people choose to travel Africa in winter to escape the stifling summer heat and polluted dirt, but even in winter there is so-called red dust that can be found in abundance on your clothes and travel bags when it enters through any available opening, so you should take care about covering up the important things that you fear from dust.


Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean we’re cutting out chicken

It is well known that a vegetarian diet does not contain meat or poultry, but in Africa, the concept is completely different, when you tell the bartender that I am a vegetarian, he will not understand you. It seems that chicken is made from vegetables, so you always need to explain what you want to eat and know what it is made of.


You will be paid

If you are on a tight budget, you should choose inexpensive destinations when tourism in Africa, but beware of falling into the trap of cowboy tourism workers who convince you that their costs are low because they will not provide you with good services, and it is worth noting that they are not honest, so you should choose reliable companies so that they are not exposed to scams and fraud.


Maybe you shouldn’t try African juice

When going to an African cafe, you should think carefully before ordering juice, because it will only be the color diluted with tap water, which will give you stomach pain and may make you nauseous, so do not ask for juice.


Beer is available to everyone!

One of the bad things you can find in all parts of Africa is a large number of licensed bars, in addition to the fact that many locals drink beer throughout the day as it is cheap and available more than water and that is, that you should warn your children from watching.


Not everything you read is true

The media always paint the opposite picture of Africa, as it is always said to be a war-torn country with many people joining soldiers and militias in killing innocent people, but this is not the case because many Africans are busy living quiet lives. And, of course, this is not a country full of violence, as the media portrays it.


Camps are better than television

Many beautiful camps will captivate you when you see them, where you will spend an unforgettable night among the sounds of the African jungle and burning bonfires that you will constantly look at, so this is a great opportunity to clear your mind and relax.


Africa is not a boring country

While carrying a backpack in Africa can be stressful and traveling around the country can be risky, it is never a boring country. There are always many fun and exciting activities to keep you never tired. Seeing the sunset there is magical, and seeing the locals is fun and fun. It’s fun to watch the kids play. The city is fun so you never get bored.

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