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  • Cost of living in Cyprus – full guide

    Cost of living in Cyprus – full guide

    Cyprus is an appealing objective for expatriates, offering a charming island way of life and a relatively reasonable cost for most everyday items. Cyprus’ cost for most everyday items is comparable to other European nations like Hungary and Bulgaria. Limassol, the most expensive city on the island, ranks 165th out of 227 global cities in…

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  • Immigration to Cyprus from India

    Immigration to Cyprus from India

    Indian nationals must get a visa to visit Cyprus. You must get a current visa before departing, regardless of whether you are traveling for leisure, business, employment, or academic research. Visa requirements for Indian nationals Contingent upon the kind of visa (travel pass) you’re chasing, there might be limitations. The general circumstances for Indian residents…

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  • Buying property in Cyprus as Indian citizen

    Buying property in Cyprus as Indian citizen

    Cyprus allows Indians to purchase real estate, however, there are certain limitations. They may purchase one property, no more than 4000 m2, which may be an apartment, a house, or a piece of land. The property parcel shouldn’t be larger than 40 acres. The acquisition of commercial real estate is also possible, but only by…

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  • Finding accommodation in Cyprus 

    Finding accommodation in Cyprus 

    Cyprus is the destination for you if you’re looking for amazing food with a blend of Greek, Turkish, and Italian influences, beautiful sandy beaches, fantastic healthcare alternatives, and vestiges of Greek mythology everywhere. Additionally, Cyprus welcomes foreigners with open arms; now, about 70,000 Britons are residing there. Finding accommodation in Cyprus can be an exciting…

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  • Cyprus: work visa obtaining

    Cyprus: work visa obtaining

    Work permit in Cyprus. Cyprus is a member of the European Union (EU) and one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe. Citizens of any EU member country have not required a visa or work permit to work in Cyprus.

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  • Cyprus: job finding guide

    Cyprus: job finding guide

    Finding a job in Cyprus as an ex-pat. The beautiful country of Cyprus has become a very popular market for foreigners that want to live and work in the EU. Most expats migrate to this Mediterranean island for its beautiful climate, affordable costs of living, expat-friendly policies, and hard-working people.

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  • Cyprus: cities for living

    Cyprus: cities for living

    Best cities to live in Cyprus. After becoming an official member of the European Union in 2004, Cyprus made a lot of reforms that improved its infrastructure, economic prosperity, and tourism in the country.

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  • Cyprus: dual citizenship options

    Cyprus: dual citizenship options

    Qualifying for dual nationality in Cyprus. The prospect of obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus attracts foreigners because the island state is a part of the European Union. And this makes it possible to freely live and work in EU countries, receive quality education and medical care, and enter more than 150 countries around…

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  • Cyprus: tax system guide

    Cyprus: tax system guide

    Expat’s guide on Cyprus tax system. A lot of foreign nationals have chosen as their preferred vacation destination. This European country has one of the largest expatriate communities in the world.  About 14% of the country’s residents are EU nationals while 9% are foreigners from non-EU countries.

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  • Cyprus: business relocation

    Cyprus: business relocation

    Features of business immigration to Cyprus. Cyprus is a land of new opportunities in a warm climate with beautiful landscapes. It is a European state open to business immigration, cooperation, investment, and assistance.

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