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Interesting destinations in Africa

The population is also relatively young in comparison to other countries. Climate in Africa is the tropical and the subtropical climate which means that there are jungle, deserts, savannas and steppes. Africa has over 3,000 of protected locations which have wildlife and plants that have to be protected. The diversity in Africa is not only in nature but also in the ethnicities and languages.

Overall Africa is also has a lot of issues to be aware of when traveling to the continent, like poverty and malnutrition of their people. Illiteracy is also a huge problem in the African people. Africans have to live in unsanitary conditions and more than it is acceptable, the villages live in completely different development phases as rest of the world.


Kenya is a country in Africa that has an outstanding nature and landmarks that are too beautiful to skip. Kenya has the Masai Mara National Reserve which is filled with wildlife. This is one of the most amazing places to visit and enjoy the safari adventure by meeting the glorious elephants, strong lions and magnificent zebras. In Masai Mara National Reserve tourists can even enjoy horse tour through the 100 kilometer safari. Another popular location is Lake Nakuru National Park that gives a live performance of the graceful pink birds – flamingos. Park has approximately 1 million birds.

Solio Reserve is located next to Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountains, which is another astonishing nature treasure. Solio Reserve is a home for more than 200 rhinos. This sight is one you absolutely need to see. Overall, Kenya is one of the many locations filled with beautiful nature and wild life. Anyone who has chosen to see Africa should visit this country.


Morocco is widely known for its beautiful towns filled with colorful houses that attract the lovers of art and architecture combined. One of the most fun towns is Marrakech, which is filled with street entrepreneurs that can charm snakes, paint henna on bodies and sell wide range of fruit, dates and other goods. At night this town turns in to a whole spectacle – drummers, dancers, restaurants and music fills the streets and gives tourists a taste of magic.

Old city in the Moroccan desert.

 For tourists wanting to experience safari in a friendly and safe way – Sahara Dunes is a place to go. It is an annual location for the Marathon des Sables that happens at spring of each year. Another popular destination is Draa Valley that has date plantations in it that make a beautiful sight.


If you are in Africa, the most fascinating and mysterious locations is the Pyramids of Giza. These few landmarks have been one of the most well-known and they are widely popular among movies, books and art. The history of Pyramids is also one of the greatest treasures of the worlds.

The most popular Pyramids of Egypt are the Great Pyramid of Khufu, Pyramid of Menkaure, Pyramid of Khafre and last but not the least – the Sphinx. Pyramids are located in unusual destination of deserts that are covering around the landmarks.

Nile is the longest river in the world and has a significant meaning in Egypt and its civilizations development. Egypt was thriving on the soil that is around Nile as it was outstandingly fertile in comparison to the rest of the land in the country. Tourists that travel to Egypt must see the important landmark of the Egypt.


Tanzania is another nature’s treasure chest with its beautiful sights all year round with wildlife migration. Animals migrate from Tanzania to Kenya each year and the scenery of wildlife living in their natural way is one of the best sights to take home after traveling to Africa.

Animals in Kilimanjaro National Park.

Another natural landmark that tourists have to see is the highest mountain of Africa – Kilimanjaro, that is 5 895 meters tall. Mountain is surrounded and filled with rainforests, meadows and clouds that make it look breathtaking.


Nigeria is another interesting African country that is a good destination for travelers. Nigeria has a great location for tourists that gives opportunity to enjoy Africa from the perspective of relaxation and peace which is the Lekki Conservation Centre. Centre is filled with beautiful plants and biodiversity. There is a chance to walk the longest canopy walkway in Africa in Lekki Conservation Centre. There is a chance to see huge tortoise and enjoy picnics among the beautiful sights of African plants. There are animals like crocodiles, snakes and peacocks. Overall Lekki Conservation Centre is best to visit during the dry season that is from October to March.

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