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Madagascar visa application

Sunset over Madagascar

You can apply for an eVisa that is a single-entry visa or obtain a 30, 60, or 90-day visitor visa upon arrival at the airport. To acquire the visa in the airport, you must pay cash in Euros, US Dollars, or Malagast Ariary.

In addition to visa, you will have to present a passport valid for at least 6 months and a return or onward ticket to enter Madagascar.


Madagascar eVisa acquisition

Nationals of all countries except Burundi and Palestine can apply for a visa online. There are two visa types available for an online application. You can apply for 30-day or 60-day visa that will be valid for the set amount of days after you enter Madagascar. Both of these visas are available only for single-entry.

More than 240 countries are eligible to apply for this visa. If you are eligible, then you must take the following steps to acquire a Madagascar visa online.


Step 1: Fill out an online form

To acquire your eVisa you must fill in all of the required information fields in the visa application form. This means that you will have to enter all of your personal information including a scanned bio-page of your passport.


Step 2: Pay the visa fee

After you have filled out all of the information correctly you will need to pay the visa fee. You will have the possibility to choose the payment method and fill in the secure payment page.


Step 3: Get the payment confirmation and additional documents

After your visa service fee and Government fee is received, you will receive an email with a request for additional documents to complete your application.


Step 4: Get confirmation for Madagascar eVisa

After finishing all of the steps above, you will have to wait for a confirmation for your eVisa. Once you receive a positive reply, your eVisa will get sent out to you by email.


Step 5: Print out your eVisa and get it stamped

When you have received your eVisa, you will have to print it out to board your airplane. You will have to show it at the airports in Madagascar and get is stamped by Madagascar Immigration Officers at the airports. This can take several minutes.


Required documents

To apply for Madagascar eVisa, you must have the following documents:

  • Scanned bio page of your passport.
  • Additional documents that can be requested after your application.


The scanned bio page of your passport has to be the first two pages of your passport. It should be in color, your data has to be visible and clear to read. Additionally, your passport must have at least 2 blank pages.

Visa sample

To pay for the visa, you will need to have a valid Credit or Debit Card (Visa or MasterCard).

Once you are approved, you will receive an email from the Government of Madagascar with all of the necessary details of your eVisa. You will need to print out the eVisa Landing Authorization and present it to the Immigration Officer. Soft copies on your phone might not be accepted.


Visa fee

Madagascar eVisa fee includes a government fee and the service fee. It can be paid only online visa a valid payment method – Credit or Debit Card.

The normal service fee is USD 59 per applicant. If you wish to receive your visa faster, then you can pay additional USD 79 for an emergency visa or additional USD 99 for a rush visa.

The normal visa delivery time is 3 business days after you have provided your documents. Emergency visa can be received within 1 business day and rush visa can be received within 5 business hours.

Additionally, to service fee you will have to pay a government fee. For nationals of all eligible countries, this fee is USD 37 for a Madagascar 30-day eVisa. For all nationals of eligible countries except Afghanistan, China, Bangladesh, Comoros, Congo, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Yemen the fee for a Madagascar 60-day eVisa is USD 45.

The government fee will have to be paid upon arrival in high priority at the eVisa desk.


How to arrive

There are only 8 eligible ports in Madagascar that you can enter through if you are an eVisa holder and you are arriving by plane. You can see the full list of airports below:

  • Antananarivo;
  • Toamasina;
  • Tuléar;
  • Sainte Marie;
  • Nosy Be Fascene ;
  • Majunga;
  • Fort Dauphin.



If you are planning to visit Madagascar and you are from an eligible country, you can apply for a Madagascar eVisa online via a relatively easy and fast process. You can also get your visa at the airport by presenting your documents and paying the visa fee.

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