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Africa: 5 most attractive countries to visit

Africa on the globe

Coasts with azure sea, endless Sahara desert, wild tropics, and exotic animals – all this is a multifaceted Africa.

The travel and tourism industry in Africa has grown significantly over the past few years. It covers almost 9% of the continent’s GDP, and the industry has vast potential for growth and development. Africa attracts adventure-seeking tourists with its beautiful views, dense forests, and crystal blue beaches. Its uncharted lands offer travelers a lot of new things.


This tiny African country is so hot that Aboriginal people regard rain as their greatest miracle. The word rain is used by the locals instead of a greeting. There is no access to the sea, but there are many national parks. They are the real treasure of Botswana! It is here that the largest population of elephants on the planet lives and not only: the fauna of Botswana is the richest and most diverse on the planet.

group of horses on field under cloudy sky during daytime

Most of the country is occupied by the hot Kalahari Desert. Guides drive tourists along it to admire the views or feel the spirit of adventure on a safari. The Kalahari is home to many exotic predators, and the Bushmen, an African people who have preserved their traditional way of life, also live here. You can get to know them better, take pictures and buy a hand-made souvenir as a keepsake.


Multicultural Ghana is breaking stereotypes about African countries. Eleven languages ​​have been awarded state status here. In 2015 the Ghanaians launched an orbiting satellite into space, and 95% of children have a school education. Although the name of the country is translated as “Warring King”, this is the safest corner of Africa, and the locals are very friendly to tourists.

green and red boat on sea during daytime

Lovers of lazy relaxation will appreciate the wild beaches of Ghana. For example, in Busua you can enjoy solitude, and in Kokrobit you can try surfing. Ancient forts, picturesque ruins, and castles along the entire coast. The seaside towns of Elmina and Cape Coast will appeal to curious travelers. There are many museums, temples, and colonial estates. Also, there is an unusual park on Cape Coast with a long bridge surrounded by crowns of exotic trees – beauty!


One of the most abundant countries on the continent, Namibia is wild Africa, with only luxury hotels and comfortable excursions. The countryside strives so hard to please visitors that it even launched the Desert Express tourist train, which is well-appointed and has plenty of sightseeing stops.

You can swim and sunbathe on the Atlantic coast. The beaches are mostly wild, secluded – perfect for a romantic weekend. The central entertainment is centered in national parks: you can admire the herds of rhinos, the famous Dead Valley, or the Skeleton Coast. If you want to enrich yourself culturally, be sure to take a look at the rock carvings in Damaraland and visit the town of Luderitz, where many architectural monuments remain from the days of the diamond rush.

deserts by the beach

It is in Namibia that the oldest Namib desert that remembers dinosaurs is located. Over the past millions of years, unique species of animals have been born in Namib that can withstand the harsh desert climate. What else is unprecedented about Namibia is the local cuisine. You will get to taste the world’s biggest oysters, alligator tails, and lion’s tenderloin.


Uganda earned its high safety factor due to one feature: the cities here are sparsely populated, and all the iconic attractions are located far from the city limits. Therefore, the risk of encountering troubles that await tourists in crowded places is small. But what attracts Uganda is its amazing nature and rich cultural heritage.

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The highest mountains in Africa are located here: for example, the extreme point of Mount Virunga is at an altitude of four and a half kilometers above sea level. Snow lies at its top, and the slopes have become a haven for the rarest mountain gorillas. The country also boasts one of the deepest lakes in the world – Albertina, which was formed in the crater of a dead volcano. There is also the beautiful Lake Victoria, so large that you can ride on yachts.

Cape Verde

The island state, located six hundred kilometers from the coast of Africa, has long been popular with tourists. Cape Verde combines European service and a rich entertainment program, coupled with the mesmerizing nature of the islands. This is one of the world’s largest centers for windsurfing and sport fishing, sophisticated divers love to visit here, and surfers have a chance to tame their “special wave”.

brown mountain near body of water during daytime

The beaches of Cape Verde are wide, sandy, mostly secluded, and uncrowded. They are open to all comers, no additional entrance fee is required – instead, you will also be given a sun lounger for free! Resort holidays are practiced on all islands, without exception. Surfing is popular in Santiago, and Santo Antau is famous for its mountain views. The islands of Sal and San Vincent have a well-developed infrastructure; in the evenings, noisy parties are rolled up and coastal discos work. 

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