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  • How to get political asylum in Poland: Full Guide

    How to get political asylum in Poland: Full Guide

    Each country that has signed the Geneva Agreement on Assistance to Refugees has a special program and rules for the admission of migrants. The state undertakes to provide protection to those in need and to ensure respect for their rights. The number of asylum seekers in Poland is growing every year. The reasons are the…

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  • Pole’s Card: about how it works

    Pole’s Card: about how it works

    Pole’s Card. The Pole’s card is very useful for those who travel to Poland to work or study. For this reason, a huge number of foreigners receive it every year. With the Pole’s Card, it will be possible to obtain a visa free of charge, freely enter the country for work, and study or do…

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  • Poland: living in Warsaw

    Poland: living in Warsaw

    Tips for finding accommodation in Warsaw. After deciding to study at one of the universities in Poland, students face the housing issue. Since there are not enough places in dormitories for everyone, and some universities do not have shared dwellings, they have to rent a room or apartment.

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  • Poland: working as an expat

    Poland: working as an expat

    Poland – legal employment. A foreigner who intends to get a job in the territory of the Republic of Poland or conduct other activities to earn money must first find an employer in Poland, who will apply for a work permit to the head of the voivodeship office for the location of his company or…

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  • Poland: guide on work finding

    Poland: guide on work finding

    Finding a job in Poland as an expat. Legal work in Poland is social protection, insurance and the right to medical assistance. Often the employer himself provides or pays for housing, one-time daily meals, and public transport to the place of work.

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  • Poland: guide about the taxes

    Poland: guide about the taxes

    Expat’s guide on Poland tax system. The tax in Poland is paid by both residents and foreigners who have income in the country.¬†According to modern tax legislation, a tax to be generally obligatory and gratuitous regular payments made by legal entities and individuals to the state treasury.

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  • Poland: work permit guide

    Poland: work permit guide

    Work permit in Poland – time and fee. A work permit can be obtained by a foreign citizen (non-EU) who legally resides in Poland based on:

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  • Poland: accommodation guide

    Poland: accommodation guide

    Finding accommodation in Poland. One of the best things about Poland is the fact that the cost of accommodation in the country is super affordable compared to those in France, Spain, Germany, and the UK.

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  • Social rights in Poland

    Social rights in Poland

    Social security rights in Poland. Social insurance is one of the components of labor law, which allows you to receive state-guaranteed payments if, due to various circumstances, a person has lost the opportunity to work. Learn more about the social rights in Poland.

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  • Poland: best universities to apply

    Poland: best universities to apply

    Top 3 Universities to apply in Poland. Poland is considered one of the most economically stable and rapidly developing countries in the world. If you were to choose to study at the University of Poland, you will receive high-quality knowledge and a European diploma, which is valid both in Poland and abroad.

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