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Poland: guide on work finding

Find the job - Poland

That is why many expats are interested in how to find a job in PolandIf you have a university degree and a good knowledge of the Polish language, you can definitely apply for a high-paying job in Poland.

But even without special skills, you will find hundreds of vacancies in the country on specialized sites. Then all we need is to find out what is what, and act!

Actual vacancies in Poland

As Poland develops economically, it increasingly needs additional workers. Medicine, IT, teaching, trade, industry, agriculture, logistics, construction, tourism are the main areas where the need for specialists is especially high. In Poland, from year to year, about 20% of all residence permits in the European Union are issued – the country is leading in this indicator.

For men, the most frequent vacancies in Poland are builders, truck drivers, bricklayers, packers, loaders, technicians. For women – seamstresses, cashiers, maids, nurses. In the spring-summer period, especially a lot of harvesting crops and pickers are required. For such work, you do not need any special skills or deep language knowledge.

If you are the owner of a highly demanded high qualification, knowledge of the language will be a mandatory requirement (with the exception of IT workers), but the salary will be noticeably higher.

How to find a job in Poland as an expat?

  • By yourself via the Internet

It is best to start with an independent search for offers through relatives or friends who are already in the country. If this is not possible, refer to specialized portals. Best of all – to the locals, in Polish. There are more suggestions and useful information here, so if your Polish is not fluent yet, you can use an online translator.

Especially for you, we have selected a list of the most popular and useful Internet resources, which will help you to find a job in Poland:

It is an aggregator site that searches for suitable vacancies in all Polish cities among many specialized sites. You can subscribe, and notifications about new offers will be sent to your mail.

This website is one of the largest resources for diploma holders and work experience. Therefore, if you are interested in offers related to manual labor, implying poor knowledge of Polish and lack of qualifications, use this resource last. In addition to the subscription, you can use the mobile version of the site, which allows you to quickly track hot Polish vacancies.

It is a general portal where, in addition to work, you can find offers for renting housing, buying the necessary equipment, etc.

This large local job search site is focused mainly on high-paid professionals. Here are posted offers from reputable companies that are interested in employees with knowledge of the language, experience and qualifications. There is an English version. Section “Targi pracy” allows you to send a CV to a potential employer.

In addition to vacancies, this site contains announcements of HR events in the country. There is a section on Polish labor law. Has an English version.

Before deciding in favor of a particular employer, we recommend checking the data about him in the register of the Central Statistical Office of Poland – GUS, as well as looking for reviews on the forums.

  • Recruitment agencies

If you do not want to waste time on your own searches for jobs in Poland, contact your local employment agencies. 

A list of licensed local recruitment companies can be seen on the websites of STOR and the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy.

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How can a foreigner obtain a work permit in Poland?

Employment in Poland consists of two stages:

  • Obtaining an invitation/work permit.
  • Submission of documents to the Consulate of Poland.

It is issued for a specific job and an employer – employment in another company can be regarded as a violation of the visa regime. After the expiration of the validity period, the visa can be extended on the spot.

  • Stage 1. Invitation and work permit

To work legally in Poland, you must have a umowa o pracę (employment contract). This is your social protection, a guarantee that you will receive a minimum wage, and an obligation to respect your rights.

There are several types of permits in the country, depending on the duration of the contract, the qualifications of the employee, the expected salary, the period of staying in the country. The validity period is identical to the one for which the contract was concluded, but does not exceed three years. Cost – € 12-47, depending on the time of stay in the country. After termination, the permit can be renewed by providing an employment contract and paying stamp duty (50% of the original amount). 

A work permit can be obtained both independently, having agreed on all working conditions with the employer, or with the help of a recruitment agency.

  • Stage 2. Working visa

If you are going to work in Poland at the invitation of the employer for a period of up to 6 months, you just need to get a work Schengen visa type C 05 with a stay of up to 180 days a year. An annual national visa (D 05 or D 06) for 365 days of stay can be issued only if you have an approved permit from the voivode.

In the second case, the registration process is more complicated. The employer first applies for a work permit in the local Voivodeship. If prior consent is obtained, the applicant submits documents for a visa, after which a permit is issued. After arriving in the country, a foreign citizen must register at the nearest police station within 7 days. To renew your visa, you need to apply to the Voivodeship again.

Documents for a work visa in Poland

To apply for a work visa, in addition to the consular fee (€ 0-60 depending on the country of residence and type of document), you will need the following package:

  • documents from a Polish employer (employment contract, work permit/invitation, statement of intent to hire a foreign citizen);
  • passport + copy, as well as copies of all Schengen visas for the last three years;
  • visa application form;
  • medical insurance policy (from € 30,000);
  • actual color photos.

Documents are submitted to the Polish embassy, ​​consulate general, or local visa center. Depending on where you applied, the application is considered within 5-10 days. In rare cases, the term is extended to 30-60 days – for example, if you get a spot check.

Please note that a work visa to Poland is issued for a specific employer who issued the invitation to you. That is, if you want to change your place, you will first have to work out the specified period for this employer and only then try new options. But! If you lose your job with a valid permit, you do not have to leave Poland. Notify the local Voivodeship within 14 days of the situation and try to find a new employer within 30 days.


Salaries in Poland

From January 2020, the minimum wage in Poland per hour is € 3.85, and per month – about € 600 (before taxes). The minimum rates are raised regularly.

The average salary in the country is € 1200. If you subtract all taxes, contributions, and payments, “clean” Poles receive about € 850. But keep in mind that the amount varies greatly depending on the region and specialty.

The residents of the Mazovian Voivodeship, which includes Warsaw, receive the most – about 25% more than the same specialists in other parts of the country. There are also high salaries in the Pomeranian and Lower Silesian Voivodeships. And the lowest is in the Warmia-Mazury Voivodeship. The difference between the highest and lowest average earnings in Poland is around € 430.

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