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Options of becoming a citizen of Poland

Poland is a nation situated in central Europe. It is surrounded by the following nations:

  • Toward the west, it borders Germany.
  • It shares borders with Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the south.
  • Toward the east, it imparts borders to Ukraine and Belarus.
  • Toward the north, it has a shore along the Baltic Ocean.
City square in the old city of Poland

The capital city of Poland is Warsaw, which is located in the central-eastern piece of the country. Poland is a popular tourist destination and a significant player in European politics and economics due to its rich history, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes.

How to become a citizen

Turning into a resident of Poland regularly includes a few pathways, including:

Citizenship by birth

If something like one of your folks is a Polish resident, you might be qualified for Polish nationality by birth, paying little heed to where you were conceived.

Citizenship by descent

You may be eligible for its citizenship by descent if you can demonstrate that you have Polish ancestors (typically grandparents or great-grandparents). This cycle can include gathering genealogical records and verification of your Polish legacy.

Citizenship by marriage

If you are married to a Polish resident and have been living in Poland for a predefined period, you might be qualified to apply for nationality by marriage. The residency prerequisites can change.

Citizenship through naturalisation

One of the most common ways to become a citizen is through this method. To fit the bill for naturalisation, you normally need to meet specific residency prerequisites, which can shift depending on your conditions. You should likewise show essential information on the basic language and have a steady kind of revenue.

Obtaining Polish nationality through naturalisation is a cycle that permits fair nationals to become Polish. residents.  

Procedure for acquiring citizenship through naturalisation

Here are the overall necessities and steps for acquiring Polish citizenship through naturalisation:


You should have lawfully lived in Poland for a predetermined period, commonly something like 5 years. Spouses of Polish citizens and refugees make an exception.

Legitimate stay

During your residency in Poland, you probably held a legitimate stay, which typically implies having a temporary home licence or another substantial visa.

Monetary stability

You ought to exhibit that you have a steady and lawful type of revenue to help yourself and your family, if relevant.

Information on Polish language

You should show fundamental information about the Polish language, as a rule by finishing a language capability test.

Citizenship for previous citizens

On the off chance that you or your predecessors were Polish residents before September 1951 and lost nationality because of verifiable occasions (like displacement during the Second World War), you could reclaim Polish nationality.

By extraordinary grant

In uncommon cases, the president of Poland has the position to grant citizenship to people who have made critical commitments to the country. It’s important to keep in mind that Polish citizenship requirements and procedures can change over time. Accordingly, it’s better to consult the official site of the Polish government or contact the closest Polish embassy or consulate for the latest and definite data regarding your qualifications and the application cycle. Moreover, working with a migration lawyer or advisor can be useful while exploring the intricacies of Polish citizenship applications.

Double citizenship 

Poland for the most part permits its residents to hold double citizenship. This implies that you can be a resident of Poland while likewise holding it in one more country without the gamble of losing your Polish nationality. In any case, it’s crucial to note that while Poland permits double citizenship, different nations might have their principles and guidelines regarding double citizenship. Assuming you’re thinking about acquiring double citizenship in Poland and another nation, it’s best to check the particular regulations and guidelines of the two nations required to guarantee that there are no struggles or limitations. Regulations concerning double citizenship can change, so talking with legitimate specialists or experts in the two nations is a judicious step while seeking double citizenship.

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