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How to get political asylum in Poland: Full Guide

Each country that has signed the Geneva Agreement on Assistance to Refugees has a special program and rules for the admission of migrants. The state undertakes to provide protection to those in need and to ensure respect for their rights. The number of asylum seekers in Poland is growing every year. The reasons are the worsening climatic conditions in certain regions, economic instability, and military operations on the territory of different countries.

Image showing Asylum seekers trying to access what looks like Poland border

Most often, requests for refugees come from citizens of Ukraine, Syria, Chechnya, and Afghanistan. Fewer refugees – from Belarus and Crimea. The procedure for the admission of foreigners in need of protection is regulated by several legislative acts at once. These are the Geneva Agreement (1951) together with the New York Protocol (1967), as well as the Constitution of Poland (1997) and the Law on Foreigners in the Country (1997).

How is the process of obtaining political asylum in Poland? 

Obtaining political asylum in Poland for foreigners involves going through a standard procedure. Newcomers are offered a monthly allowance, temporary housing, and, if necessary, free medical care.

The process begins with applying within the country or immediately after crossing the border. Applicants are transported to a special camp where other applicants are awaiting a decision. Those who have good reasons for this can count on success. This can be persecution at home due to religious and political views, membership in a social group, sexual minorities, etc.

For foreigners who go to Poland for political asylum, in case of a successful scenario, the choice of the region of residence is provided. This issue must be approached seriously since the future life in this country depends on it. There is a government program with social housing, but then there is no choice – where they will be sent, they will have to live there.

After obtaining a residence permit, you can look for a job, having previously mastered the language in special courses. Also, you can get a new profession. Those who choose cities with a national diaspora are easier to master here.

How to correctly apply for political asylum in Poland so as not to be refused?

Poland’s rules for obtaining political asylum for foreigners provide for different options for applying. You can contact the Chief Commandant at the border directly, where customs control is carried out. The procedure involves fingerprinting. At this stage, the border guards filter out everyone who has no reason to ask for protection. Therefore, there is no need to expect much loyalty from them, they may even delay the issuance of the necessary forms. You should calmly insist on your own.

The application received from a potential refugee is forwarded to the Department working with migrants, and then to the Office for Foreigners and Repatriates. While the application is being processed, the applicant is issued a temporary identity card. Soon they are invited for an interview at the Office. Before signing the protocol, the applicant can make additions and amendments to the document. If the document contains distorted information, you can refuse to sign it.

Necessary grounds for contacting the authorities

If you prepare well before applying for political asylum, Poland will become much more accessible. In particular, we are talking about those grounds that will become a compelling argument in favor of the applicant. According to the 1951 Convention, refugee status can be counted on by those who:

  • is outside the homeland;
  • fears persecution on ethnic, racial, political grounds;
  • fears for health and life because of belonging to minorities, social group;
  • cannot return home because of the risk to life;
  • does not belong to categories that are denied protection.

It makes no sense to go to Poland for political asylum for foreigners if the reason is lack of housing, unemployment, and poverty, criminal prosecution. As for the latter, the refusal is provided for everyone who is accused of serious crimes (military, civil, etc.).

In some situations, the authorities do not consider petitions at all. The reasons are as follows:

  • no contact details;
  • the applicant refuses to be identified and passed a medical examination;
  • the applicant has submitted false information about himself;
  • the application was denied earlier;
  • the homeland of a potential refugee does not belong to the category of countries that are dangerous for living.

What conditions will be waiting for you while the application is being considered?

During the examination of the application for political asylum in Poland, the applicant and his family members are issued temporary documents. Such certificates are valid only within the country, their validity period is 1 month, after which new ones are issued for six months. Usually, this period is sufficient to receive the decision of the commission. The law states that a verdict is issued within 3 months, but the need for additional information may delay the process.

For refugees who want to obtain political asylum in Poland, the settlement is provided in a special center. Typically, such centers are located in border areas. One of these is Dembki near Warsaw. Here people are provided with sleeping places, necessities, food. In the future, there is a distribution in 13 refugee camps in Lomza, Smozhevo, Lublin, and other cities. Here housing is provided to 3 categories of people:

  • awaiting a verdict on their petition;
  • those who have been refused;
  • suffered in the military conflict.
  • Considering that you can get a job only after six months, it is difficult at first to live on benefits.

How does the procedure for requesting an official status work?

The political asylum provided for refugees is granted by Poland confidentially. The information was not disclosed, the applicants did not lose their former citizenship. Refugees are issued a residence permit for 2 years, then they have the right to permanent residence, but before that, there are several formalities.

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