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Poland: living in Warsaw

Like every other student, Polish students always count every piece of money, so they look for the best deals in renting a room or apartment in Warsaw. Here, are useful tips that will help you when looking for a room or apartment in the capital of the Republic of Poland.

Finding and renting an apartment in Warsaw will not be difficult for a person with any level of income. We are talking about renting an apartment for a relatively long period.

What precedes the resolution of the question with the location of residence during the study?

Before you start browsing the offers on the Internet, let us remind you that all students who enter the Polish education center UP-STUDY are provided with housing. Moreover, on favorable terms and at prices significantly lower than market ones. Please note that the website contains the price that is transferred to the landlord. To understand how much a month of living will result for you, calculate 45% of the price on the site and add to the original rent.

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Top recommendations for finding rental housing in Warsaw

  1. Check prices for renting apartments in Warsaw. When looking for an apartment for rent in Warsaw, you are looking for a convenient place to be near the university or a direct bus. Please be aware that the price also varies depending on the location. Student apartments near universities are not very expensive, and you can find a room for only 500 euros. The highest prices for room rent can be found in Mokotow and Śródmieście, while the cheapest are in Bialovka and Targuvek.
  2. Make sure the price is adequate to reality. It is the price immediately after the location that is the criterion for selecting an offer. For the student, every cent is valuable, so check the room rental price first and compare it with other offers. Before proceeding with the consideration of an apartment, it is worth contacting the owner. And find out exactly the price for renting a room in Warsaw, and if there are any additional fees.
  3. Sign the contract. Take care of your peace of mind and demand a contract. It is a document that will ensure your interests and indicate the responsibilities of both parties. It must be in writing and contain information such as the duration of the lease, and terms of payment for the lease. It is also crucial to list the things that come with the apartment and discuss changes and repairs in the apartment.
  4. Look for a room/apartment well in advance. Hot periods, when students en masse look through offers with apartment rentals, are August and September. Often, however, it turns out that the most convenient apartments are already sold out.
  5. Check the condition of the housing carefully. The pictures you see on the Internet may not reflect reality. Make sure the rental apartment is in the shape you envision and look into every corner. Check the condition of the ceiling and walls for cracks or dampness.
  6. The price for rental housing in Warsaw is higher if it is near the metro station. However, you should not pay attention to the proximity of the metro to your home in Warsaw, since the city has exemplary surface public transport. City buses move according to a strictly established schedule, so they don’t get stuck in traffic jams. The tram network entwines the entire city along the line with comfortable air-conditioned carriages. From anywhere in the city by land transport, you can get to the center, spending 30-35 minutes on the road.
  7. When renting a home, a situation may arise when the landlord motivates the high rental price by agreeing to make a temporary residence permit. Young, inexperienced students can pay exorbitant prices just because they do not know the law. A student’s registration is necessary for issuing a “residence card” and not only. So the law says that the permission of the owner of the apartment is not required for registration. For registration, it is enough to present a rental agreement for more than 3 months, which will indicate your name.


Ask when was the last renovation done. Pay attention to all kinds of defects – whether there are leaks or other defects. Check the condition of the furniture, bed and listen carefully, because it may turn out that the apartment has poor acoustics, and you hear every noise from behind the window or sneezing of neighbors from behind the wall.

Therefore, when renting a house in Warsaw, remember to compare prices and follow the tips. We emphasize that UP-STUDY students are provided with housing thanks to its companies. We recommend all other students not be afraid to ask questions. Then you can not only save money but also find the best option for yourself.

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