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  • Getting a US Visa as a citizen of Ireland

    Getting a US Visa as a citizen of Ireland

    The United States of America is a well-liked travel destination for individuals from all over the world because it provides a wide range of opportunities, including job and business enterprises. Particularly Irish nationals have an extensive tradition of immigrating to the US, with many of them looking to pursue their American aspirations.¬† However, it is…

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  • Working in Ireland as an expat

    Working in Ireland as an expat

    Working in Ireland as an expat can offer a wealth of opportunities and a vibrant cultural experience. Known for its strong economy, rich history, and welcoming atmosphere, Ireland has become an attractive destination for professionals from around the world. Whether you are considering a short-term assignment or planning to settle down here, there are several…

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  • Buying property in Ireland – full guide

    Buying property in Ireland – full guide

    Ireland’s real estate market has grown significantly in recent years, making it a desirable location for purchasers. Ireland presents a variety of chances for people wishing to buy real estate due to its robust economy, good investment climate, and high housing demand. To assist you in making educated decisions and achieving your real estate goals…

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  • Applying for a visa to Ireland – full guide

    Applying for a visa to Ireland – full guide

    Ireland is a popular travel destination for visitors, students, and businesspeople alike because of its breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, and dynamic culture. Understanding the visa criteria and the application process is crucial if you are considering a trip to Ireland for any reason. This article will lead you through the many permit categories available for…

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  • Ireland: immigration in 2021

    Ireland: immigration in 2021

    Immigration to Ireland in 2021. Ireland is an island country in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean with a mild maritime climate and a welcoming attitude towards visitors. Ireland is a member of the EU and uses the euro as its currency, but is not part of the Schengen area.

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  • Expat life: Ireland

    Expat life: Ireland

    Living in Ireland – Expat life. Ireland is a great place to live. It is an island in the North Atlantic. It is separated from Great Britain by the North Canal, the Irish Sea, and St. George’s Canal.

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  • Employment visa to Ireland

    Employment visa to Ireland

    How to get a work visa to Ireland. Modern Ireland is an economically developed country with a high standard of living and a decent salary. Besides, this state attracts people with its natural resources and low level of environmental pollution.

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  • Immigration guides: Ireland

    Immigration guides: Ireland

    Immigration to Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is a non-continental European country with one of the richest cultures, traditions, and history. It was the center of a lot of conflicts in the medieval era.

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  • Ireland: social security rights

    Ireland: social security rights

    Social Security Rights in Ireland. Sometime in life, you may need the support provided by the government of your country. If you are living in Ireland and satisfy all qualifying conditions, you will be entitled to receive these supports.

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