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Ireland: immigration in 2021

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Many seek to immigrate to Ireland, because of the high standard of living and salaries.


The first step towards immigration

To immigrate to Ireland you will need to obtain a residence permit. Those who plan to obtain a residence permit application for a long-term visa (more than 90 days) of category D. In the absence of immigration purposes, they issue short-term visas (type C, up to 3 months of stay) for travel and guest visits. There are several ways to immigrate to Ireland. The choice is at the discretion of the applicant.

It must be remembered that after the submission of documents, a formal bureaucratic process will begin, which cannot be interrupted without consequences only in order to change the declared purpose of the trip.

First of all, everyone fills out an online application on the website of the Irish Immigration and Naturalization Service. It is important not to make a mistake and indicate that you need a D visa. Passport details and information confirming the purpose of the visit are entered in the application form. If any of the requested documents are not at hand, the work done can be saved and get a unique personal “Transaction Number”. The questionnaire remains active for 30 days, which allows you to continue filling out through the “Retrieve Application” command, specifying the “Operation number”.

Important: if the applicant used the agency’s assistance to submit an electronic application form, he must indicate the name of the intermediary, the name and address of the organization, as well as a telephone number that can be contacted during the day.

It is possible that consular officers will require additional documents or invite the applicant for an interview. There are no exact terms for consideration. Usually, 15-30 days are supposed, but each application is considered individually, so the issue may drag on for several months. Most often this happens with a student visa, so it is better to apply for a year before the start of your studies.


How to leave to live in Ireland – possible ways

Ireland can be reached by sea and air. Accordingly, future immigrants are met at the sea or airport, where the final check takes place. Until passport control has been passed, it cannot be 100% guaranteed that the applicant will cross the border and begin the naturalization process. The Irish authorities accept 6 categories of immigrants.


Family reunification and marriage

A close relative with Irish citizenship or permanent residence is one of the most favorable conditions. His/her details will be indicated in the online application, and copies of documents confirming the relationship or intention to start a family will be submitted to the consulate. Ireland is a Catholic country that respects family values. She does not interfere with family reunification.

In line with modern trends, the Irish allow for partnerships of persons of the same sex, equating their relationship with marriage.



Currently, specialists in medicine, IT-sphere, service personnel in the leisure and hospitality industry, workers of sea transport and fishing fleets are required. The search for vacancies occurs through online services and specialized agencies.

The data of the employer who received the quota for foreigners and the invitation from him are entered into the application form and then submitted to the consulate. The presence of a signed labor contract reduces moving and obtaining a residence permit to a formal procedure.

Close relatives and dependents of a person who received a residence permit in Ireland on a work visa can apply for a residence permit under the family reunification program if the employer agrees, which is documented.


EU Blue Card

A particular case of immigration through employment is obtaining a European Blue Card. Named by analogy with the American green card. The Americans have a lottery, the Europeans have a careful selection of highly professional personnel.

This program is adopted by the EU and operates throughout its territory. The following can apply for a blue card:

  • any specialists with an annual income of more than 60,000 euros, excluding bonuses and bonuses;
  • persons with an income of 30,000-60,000 euros, if their profession is included in the list of strategically important.


Holders of the “Blue Card” receive a two-year residence permit in Ireland with the right to renew.



Immigration through education is primarily suitable for young people from high school students to university graduates. A visa for study is issued to everyone who has paid for and is receiving education in all accredited institutions, including students of language courses.

University students are allowed to earn part-time work, they undergo internships in local companies, which increases the chances of subsequent employment.

After graduation from the university, the student’s residence permit remains valid for another 12 months. This term is issued to a graduate to find a job.

Relatives of students cannot apply for permanent residence. If they wish to visit the student, they will receive a short-term “C” visa.

Low academic performance, non-compliance with the course program, discipline violations will lead to expulsion from the educational institution and the loss of a visa for study.


Investment and entrepreneurship

The purchase of real estate with a price of up to 2 million euros is allowed but is not recognized as an investment that gives the right to a residence permit, but it is considered a favorable factor when applying for a long-term visa because the applicant already has a place of residence.

There are two main conditions for obtaining a residence permit:

  • Capital from 300,000 euros and more;
  • Absolutely legal origin of funds


You can start your own business, but it’s easier to buy a finished one. It is important for the immigration authorities that the business is working, making a profit, creating jobs, and the entrepreneur paying taxes.

A conscientious businessman receives a residence permit for 3 years, which can be extended for another 2, after which he can apply for a residence permit.



Wealthy immigrants who do not want to devote themselves to business can limit themselves to investments. This method does not apply to the field of mass immigration, but it gives the right to a residence permit for 5 years at once.


Program Condition
Buying bonds for foreign investors € 1 million investment at a rate of 0%.
Enterprise shares € 500,000 in Irish Business Shares for 3 years.
Investment fund shares € 500,000 in government-approved funds. Their list was published in 2012, an update is expected.
Real estate investment stocks and bonds A minimum of € 2 million in any real estate funds listed on the Irish Stock Exchange.
Mixed investments Real estate € 450,000 plus € 500,000 in bonds for foreign investors.
Charity € 500,000 donation to charity from one person or € 400,000 from each in a group of 5 or more philanthropists.



The refugee application can be submitted at passport control. Immigration officials will allow entry into the country and give 5 days to officially contact the Refugee Applications Commissioner office.

The commissariat will conduct the first interview to find out if the person qualifies as a refugee. If the decision is positive, the applicant and close family members (spouses and children under 18 years of age) will receive a Temporary Residence Certificate. They will be given accommodation and a second interview. 

Then the final decision will be made. If the applicant is recognized as a refugee, he will be included in the adaptation program and will be awarded an allowance. Otherwise, they will be offered to leave Ireland voluntarily, otherwise, deportation will follow with a ban on entry in the future.

Scientific, cultural, religious activities

Scientists, cultural workers, preachers, and missionaries can apply for a 5-year residence permit if they arrive at the official invitation of the Irish side.

Foreign volunteers working for Irish charities have the same right.

How do children and retirees move to Ireland?

There is no separate immigration program for retirees and minors. Most often, they receive a residence permit for family reunification. But the laws do not prohibit them from moving in another way and applying for a residence permit through study, employment, business, etc. 

Minors have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit / permanent residence if they are adopted by Irish citizens.

Cases of adoption by persons with a residence permit / permanent residence in Ireland are considered individually to determine the status of a minor and his/her right to naturalization.


Benefits of a residence permit in Ireland

A residence permit provides social guarantees and state protection. Ireland is not among the wealthy countries of Europe, but it can be classified as a safe haven away from global turmoil. The population of Ireland leads a calm, measured life in a society of average income and prosperity. The country has a low crime rate and well-functioning public services. As for the climate, it is considered quite comfortable. Ireland does without cold winters and sultry summers.


Permanent residence in Ireland

A five-year stay in Ireland gives you the right to apply for permanent residence (Long Stay Residence). The holder of permanent residence is actually equal to the citizens of the country and can become a citizen himself in 3 years. In total, the minimum period from entry to the registration of citizenship is 8 years.

A child born to a woman legally residing in Ireland for more than 10 months is automatically granted citizenship upon birth. His/her parents can apply for a residence permit under the program of reunification with their child – an Irish citizen.

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