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Employment visa to Ireland

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Nowadays, more and more immigrants strive to work in Ireland, and if possible, stay in this country for permanent residence. According to the law of the country, a special entry document is required for employment in Ireland – an Irish work visa.

Grounds for obtaining a visa to Ireland

According to the general law of the European Union on “Freedom of Movement”, EU citizens have the right to freely cross the border, live, and work in any European country. Other citizens do not have this right, therefore, a simple expression of a desire to find a job in Ireland is not a valid reason for obtaining this visa.

A work visa to Ireland can be obtained on the following grounds

  • The applicant runs his own business in Ireland, is a private entrepreneur or investor;
  • An applicant for this visa type is officially invited by an Irish employer for a specific position.
  • It is important to consider that the applicant must find an employer and find a suitable vacancy. In general, the applicant is encouraged to follow the course of action below:
  • Independently study the legislation of Ireland and the peculiarities of the labor market of this country;
  • Choose a suitable vacancy;
  • Contact the employer, find out all the nuances regarding the proposed position;
  • If a consensus is found and the applicant is accepted for work, ask the employer for an official invitation and a photocopy of the employment contract;
  • Wait for the documents to be sent to the registration address;
  • Collect a complete package of documents and submit them to the official representative of Ireland.
  • The criteria that must be met by a foreign professional applying to work in Ireland are as follows:
  • Documented competence in the industry in which the person intends to work;
  • No criminal record and no problems with the law;
  • Own or rented housing in Ireland;
  • Having basic capital to live in Ireland for the first few months.

Important to remember! If a person has repeatedly violated the procedure for staying in any of the Eurozone countries, he will most likely be refused a work visa to Ireland.

Types of Irish Work Visa

The classification of this visa to Ireland differs significantly from the standard European one. The following categories of the considered entry document are distinguished:

Visa allowing you to earn money during a tourist trip (Republic Ireland Working Holiday Visa). This document allows tourists to get a seasonal part-time job while traveling in Ireland. The Standard Irish Tourist Visa does not qualify for employment;

“Green Card” (Green Card Permit) – a document provided to foreign specialists for a long time. The main condition for the provision of this document is the resident’s salary level – at least 60,000 euros per year. Suitable for running your own business or self-employed;

Standard work visa (Regular Work Permit) – granted for employment by invitation to work from an Irish employer.

Important! Any of the presented work visas gives the right to work strictly for a specific employer. If necessary, you can change jobs only after 12 months of residence in Irish territory based on a work visa.

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Documents for obtaining a work visa to Ireland

To open a work visa to Ireland, it is necessary to timely prepare the necessary supporting documentation. A complete list of required documents is presented below:

  1. The applicant’s international passport is valid at the time of application.
  2. Visa application form completed in English
  3. Certificate from the Home Office on the absence of a criminal record in Ireland;
  4. An official job offer from an Irish employer;
  5. An employment agreement containing information about the proposed salary, the specifics of the position, and the work schedule of the applicant;
  6. Medical insurance with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000;
  7. Certificate of medical examination, certifying the satisfactory state of health of the applicant and the absence of dangerous diseases of an infectious nature;
  8. A contract for the rental or purchase of residential property in Ireland;
  9. Information about the availability of sufficient initial capital in the applicant’s account for the first few months of residence in Ireland;
  10. Higher education diploma, certificate, or license allowing the applicant for a work visa to work in the declared specialty;
  11. 2 standard passport photos of 3.5 by 4.5 format, color, background – white, the face of the photograph is close;
  12. Check or receipt for payment of the state fee.

Important! The state fee is required to be paid before submitting documents for consideration.

The cost of a work visa to Ireland

How much does a work visa to Ireland cost? This is a question asked by many immigrants who want to find employment in Irish territory. When considering documents for a visa, the applicant must pay a state fee, the monetary equivalent of which depends on the type of entry document:

  • Republic Ireland Working Holiday Visa – 60 euros;
  • Green Card Permit – 100 euros;
  • Regular Work Permit – 100 euros.

Important! Service charges, as well as mailing documents and other additional services, are paid separately.

Registration and stay period

The length of stay in Ireland on a work visa also depends on the type of entry document:

  • A visa for part-time work while traveling – issued for the maximum period for a standard tourist visa – 3 months. This type of entry document cannot be extended;
  • Green Card – 1 year, renewable up to 5 years;
  • Standard work visa – 1 year with the possibility of extension for 2, 3, and 5 years.

If a resident has worked in Ireland on any work visa for more than 5 years, he is entitled to a permanent work permit.


It is quite difficult to immigrate to Ireland. To obtain an Ireland work visa, you must have high qualifications, education, and work experience. Besides, you must know English well. However, the Irish government can offer you good wages and decent working conditions.

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