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Reasons to immigrate to Romania 

The largest country in Europe’s southeast is Romania, which is also home to the iconic Dracula as well as enchanted forests, gorgeous mountains, and tranquil rivers and streams. Previously, it appeared that Romania was a popular destination for only a small number of tourists and expats, but now that the secret is out, many expats have come from all over Europe to settle in this stunning Eastern European nation. The number of reasons to relocate here keeps expanding due to the country’s rapid development.

The lower prices of houses compared to other parts of the world

A beautiful home with a great garden, a view, fresh air, and lots of space is something that many people desire. So, you should think about Romania if your ambition is to have all of them without having to wait till you’re retired to finance it. Although Romania is not particularly inexpensive, if your ideal place to live is in a beautiful rural setting adjacent to a large metropolis, you have just discovered the ideal place.

You’re in luck because there are lots of communities with lovely classic homes for sale. Nowadays, the countryside is a little neglected since young people choose to live in cities because there are more tempting work options there. As a direct result, many rural areas are largely deserted but no less lovely, with plenty of homes available for immediate occupancy at truly reasonable prices.

Mountains vs. seaside

Are you itching for a vacation but can’t make up your mind between the mountains and the seaside? What’s this? Doing both is simple. If you know even a little bit about Romania’s geography, you’ve undoubtedly already observed that it has a lot of Black Sea resorts. One of the safest oceans in the world is the Black Sea, which is located southeast of the nation. No deadly sharks, prickly sea urchins, or poisonous creatures are waiting for you in the waters. As a result, you can swim with ease knowing that no sea monster will bother you. The Romanian coast is well-known for its nightclubs, eateries, and parties that go until the early hours of the morning, but there are also many locations where you may sit alone and unwind. There are excellent beaches for nudists, so if you enjoy tanning up, for instance, we have good news for you. And if, after spending two or three days at the beach, you feel like going on a hike in the mountains, you should know that you can go to the Carpathians in around three hours.

The internet speed in Romania is just awesome!

The internet is highly significant if the majority of your work depends on your online presence. The most advanced and competitive internet infrastructure in the region is found in Romania, which also boasts the fastest connections. Fixed broadband availability in Romania will reach 86% of households in 2020 after growing quickly. Bucharest and a few other significant cities have 5G services, but its reach is rapidly growing.

*Monthly internet costs are far lower here than in other parts of Europe, which we adore! Now be honest, can you see yourself working on your laptop while gazing up at some green Carpathians Mountains peaks from a typical wooden porch?

Being vegan is easy-peasy

The cuisine of Romania is incredibly delicious, varied, and rich. But being a vegan feels more like a challenge in a nation where the majority of people think that “the most delectable veggie is pork.” However, nothing could be further from the truth. Since the majority of Romanians are Orthodox, fasting before Christmas and Easter is quite important. Orthodox fasting entails abstaining from all dairy, eggs, meat, fish, and seafood. Therefore, a true Orthodox will eat nothing except vegetables, legumes, cereals, and fruits for at least 48 days before Easter and 40 days before Christmas. We have created scrumptious 100% vegan fasting meals for millennia.

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