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Main reasons why visas in Palau get denied

Depending on the nation that issued the passport they have, travelers from throughout the globe may or may not require a visa to enter Palau. US citizens, residents of Micronesia, and nationals of the Marshall Islands are all eligible to visit Palau and remain there for up to a year without a visa. All EU/Schengen Member Countries, Israel, and Taiwan passport holders are eligible for visa-free entry and a 90-day stay in Palau. Also permitted to stay in the country for up to 30 days without a visa upon arrival is Russian nationals. A visa-on-arrival is available to citizens of the rest of the world at the airport in Palau. This visa is good for a 30-day maximum stay but may be extended twice for an additional charge. The only nationalities that must first get a visa are those of Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Visas in Palau: grounds for refusal

It is easy and fast to apply for a visa to Palau upon arrival. Upon arrival, you must provide your valid passport and the other required papers to the border check officials. Your passport will be returned to you with the visa stamped in it when the procedure is finished in a matter of minutes. However, citizens of Bangladesh and Myanmar must submit a visa application at the country’s diplomatic post in their nation before traveling to Palau. The following are the main grounds for a visa denial by Palau:

Inoperative passport

You need a passport with at least two blank pages for stamps and one that will be valid for at least six months from the date of entry in Palau to get a visa. If this requirement isn’t fulfilled, the visa application will be turned down. A passport must be in perfect condition to prevent a visa rejected.

No documentation of residency

If you are not a citizen of the country from which you are applying, you must have a resident permit or another kind of legal proof of presence to get a Palau visa. If this proof is missing, the visa application will be turned down.

Lacking a ticket for the return or onward journey and lodging documentation

Your visa application can also be turned down for lack of sufficient documentation, such as a hotel reservation, demonstrating that you have a place to stay while visiting Palau. Also, if you don’t have a ticket that guarantees you’ll depart Palau when your visa expires, your visa would be denied. You must provide a return or onward ticket.

Insufficient proof of an invitation

You must have a letter of invitation from the company hosting you if you are traveling to Palau on business. If you are unable to support this claim with any supporting documentation, the visa will be denied.

No yellow fever vaccination

You must provide documentation of your yellow fever vaccination while leaving or traveling through a country where there is a risk of yellow fever transmission. Since a yellow fever certificate only remains valid for 10 days after the vaccine, getting the shot before visiting Palau is very necessary. Entry may be refused if you wait too long and arrive in Palau beyond the permitted 10-day timeframe.

Violent offenses in the past

One is considered a threat to the country if they have been convicted of a crime. Your application will thus almost always be turned down. You won’t run into any difficulties with this if your criminal record is pristine. Your home country’s most recent three-month-old police clearance certificate is required.

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