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Best countries for LGBT people

LGBT people

Other countries protect and support all their citizens, regardless of orientation. We have compiled a list of such states.


Despite the strong role of the Catholic Church in public life, Spain remains one of the most open nations in Europe. Same-sex marriage has been legal since 2005 and civil unions have been allowed since the 90s.

In addition to marriages, Spain has the sun and magical cities. Barcelona has famous gay resorts such as Axel with its trendy sky bar and a port for numerous gay Mediterranean cruises.

And if entertainment is not enough for you on the mainland, then there are also the Canary Islands, which also have Spanish laws. A true tropical paradise for LGBT people.


Most of Central and South America is not particularly gay-friendly. Uruguay, though, is actively favoring LGBT equality and is therefore becoming an attractive destination.

Since 2013, same-sex marriage has been approved in the country, and anti-discrimination laws are in force. LGBT characters are also permitted to adopt children and labor in the military. Uruguay even protects trans people: they can change their names and gender on official documents.

The country’s capital Montevideo may seem like a small town, but don’t let the size fool you. The town has various gay bars and themed events. Chains Pub is a popular queer bar, and Il Tempo is considered the LGBT club in the city.

Uruguayans are very welcoming and friendly, with an atmosphere of equality and acceptance throughout the city. And if city life gets boring, there is always vineyard-filled countryside and 600 kilometers of coastline.

New Zealand

Right now, the whole world is fascinated by Prime Minister Qiwi Jasinda Ardern. She is down-to-earth, friendly, and wants peace and happiness for everyone. Same-sex marriage has been legalized there since 2013, and anti-discrimination laws have been in force since 1993.

The two largest cities, Auckland and Wellington, have long been great destinations for LGBT people. Auckland Pride gathers tens of thousands of people every year fashionable establishments operate in the city. Want to relax and chat? Then Eagle Bar is the place for you. Want to dance all night long? Then Family Bar is what you need. And they are across the street from each other, so on weekends the entire neighborhood, including the surrounding shops and restaurants, turns into one big queer party.

standing statue and temples landmark during daytime


Known as one of the most hospitable countries in Asia, Thailand has long been a favorite destination for LGBT travelers and, more recently, also a popular destination for ex-pats. Although the country does not legally recognize same-sex couples, there is no problem with tolerance.

Drag Race Thailand was recently launched and the show became very popular. It is a marker of LGBT acceptance in the local community. But Thailand has much more to offer than just tolerance. Ancient temples, pristine beaches, lush jungle, and great food. It is a gorgeous place. It’s no surprise that many expats are starting to call Thailand home.


Aside from the scenes and history, the country is also acknowledged as one of the most LGBT-friendly places on Earth. Marriage and adoption are legal, rights are protected, and there are many anti-discrimination laws. Furthermore, larger cities such as Paris have LGBTQ theaters, bookstores, bars, and cafes.


With the legalization of same-sex marriage last year, Taiwan has become a very famous destination for LGBT travelers and ex-pats. The country is known for its level of security and stability. According to this indicator, it is one of the best in the world. Now, with the additional rights granted to gays, the choice has become even more apparent.


The Netherlands has consistently been ranked as the most gay-friendly country on the planet. Back in 2001, the Netherlands became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption rights. The nation also has some of the most reliable remedies for transgender people.

The country’s capital, Amsterdam, hosts an annual pride festival and is home to many LGBTQ establishments. Besides, there are also important historical sites such as the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum. Also, tree-lined bike paths, picturesque cathedrals, and sprawling parklands.


Have you watched Close Friends? Filmed entirely in Toronto, the authors used the local Church Street as the street for LGBT bars, and Toronto is not the only famous gay city in Canada. Vancouver and Montreal are also recognized for their growing LGBT communities. They have a developed gay scene; crowded feelings of pride take place every year.

Canada authorized same-sex relationships back in 1969, and marriage has been legal since 2005. You will even find gay communities in smaller towns like Ottawa, and you will find pride parades in every city from Saskatoon to Thunder Bay to Windsor.

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