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Australia: best international colleges

Disciplines, in particular, stand out in the fields of engineering and technology, medicine, ecology, accounting, and finance. According to them, universities in Australia are among the best in the world.

The main requirements for admission to higher education programs in Australia are good English proficiency and the necessary package of documents:

  • Documents of previous education;
  • IELTS / TOEFL certificate;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Letters of recommendation;
  • Interview;
  • Summary.

Colleges in Australia

  • ANU

Australian National University (ANU) has existed since 1946. It was conceived as the main research center of the country, designed to provide Australia with highly professional specialists who meet the current requirements of the time. In 1999, in the ranking of the best universities in Australia, the university was ranked first in the Research Outcomes category and third in the Academic Reputation category.

The faculties of the humanities, economics and information technology, law, and natural sciences, among others, offer students a variety of study programs that allow them to obtain the fullest range of degrees – from bachelor’s to graduate student. Faculty programs are flexible in structure, which allows students, if desired, to draw up an individual combined study program and receive two degrees in different specialties at once, which significantly increases their potential career opportunities.

Specialized centers existing at the university allow not only to deeply master academic programs but also to engage in scientific activities. After all, the university is famous not only for the content of its educational programs and the level of its teaching but also for scientific research, which has numerous prestigious awards, including the Nobel Prize. This means that a student trained in such a university gets an additional chance in his employment. Besides, ANU has close international ties with leading universities in the world such as Oxford et al.

  • ICMS

The campus of the International College of Management (ICMS) is located in a picturesque suburb of Sydney, where on one side there is an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean, and on the other – of the Port of Sydney.

The campus is just a five-minute walk from Manly Beach and a shopping complex with cafes, restaurants, and shops. The college offers surfing and sailing classes and offshore fishing trips.

About 800 students from over 62 countries study at ICMS. The central place in the learning process is the application of the obtained theoretical knowledge in practice. Each program is designed in such a way that students receive real business experience and the opportunity to learn from real professionals in their field. This is why each program at ICMS includes a 9-month paid internship, during which students gain experience in leading Australian and international companies selected by the College. Interestingly, after graduating from college, many students are asked to return to the company where their internship took place, already as an employee.

Bachelor’s degree programs:

  • Sports management
  • International tourism
  • Retail business management
  • Property management
  • Event Management
  • Hospitality Management

Master’s degree programs:

  • International Business
  • Commerce

ICMS is proud of its reputation and awards, including the 2008 Annual Education Awards and the Australian Travel Awards 2004 and 2005.

  • SIBT 

The Sydney Institute of Business and Technology is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Australia and is, in fact, a cross between colleges and university preparatory courses. At the same time, the prices here are 15-20% lower than at the preparatory courses.

SIBT is located on the territory of the famous Macquarie University and is part of a single Association that ensures the continuity of education: part of the lecture courses at the institute are read by university teachers, and the curricula of universities are designed in such a way that the most capable students of the institute can smoothly move on to university education in the future. in the second year of the bachelor’s degree. SIBT students have the opportunity to use the university library, its computer, and sports centers.

man wearing academic gown

Macquarie University is strong in teaching disciplines such as business, economics, and management. Founded in 1964. Macquarie University, named after Lachlan Macquarie, the first governor of New South Wales.

In SIBT, you can not only get training, allowing you to become a university student but also study a variety of specialties, including commerce and business management, the humanities, and computer technology.

SIBT offers the following programs:

  1. preparatory courses or a certificate of the IY degree (Foundation Studies) – entitles you to admission to the 1st year of the university;
  2. Diploma (Diploma Course) – combines the preparatory program with the program of the 1st year of the university;
  3. the highest Diploma (Advanced Diploma) – leads directly to the second semester of the 2nd year of the university.

Possible specializations:

  • in the field of commerce (Diploma of Commerce) – provides an opportunity to continue education at Macquarie University in the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics programs;
  • in the field of business management (Diploma of Business Administration) – makes it possible to continue education at Macquarie University under the Bachelor of Business Administration program;
  • in the field of computer science (Diploma of Computer Science) – makes it possible to continue education at Macquarie University under the programs Bachelor of Arts (Computing), Bachelor of Science (Computing);
  • in the field of communications (Diploma of Communication) – makes it possible to continue education at Macquarie University in the programs Bachelor of Arts (Media and Cultural Studies), Bachelor of Media, Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing).

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