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Thailand: Phi Phi island travel tips

Phi Phi Don is the only island where hotels, restaurants, and entertainment await tourists. Here there is a marina, which accepts small ships, from which trips to the rest of the islands of the archipelago are organized. Phi Phi is a great place for a beach holiday, trekking, diving, and snorkeling.

You can visit the Phi Phi Archipelago with a day excursion or stay on Phi Phi Don for a few days to enjoy your vacation in a picturesque corner of Thailand.

How to get to the Phi Phi island

Since Phi Phi is located in Thailand, the first thing to do is book a flight to the country. The nearest international airports to the island are located in Krabi and Phuket. Getting directly to Phi Phi is possible only by sea: by ferry or speedboat (high-speed boat). The pier of the island of Phi Phi Don accepts ships.


There are 3 ways to get from Phuket Airport to the Rassada Pier ferry:

  1. Buy a Join Ticket at Phuket airport, which will include a transfer from the airport to Rassada pier and a ferry to Phi Phi. Estimated ticket price – 20-25 euros.
  2. Travel from the airport to Phuket Town by minibus, paying 5 euros for an adult ticket. After – take a taxi or “tuk-tuk” to get to the pier. In this case, it is more economical to buy a ferry ticket for 10 euros on the way to one of the travel agencies, since it will cost 20 euros at the pier.
  3. Luxury hotels in Phi Phi Don provide their guests with a direct transfer from the airport to the door of the room. A hotel representative will meet tourists in the airport hall with a sign in his hands and accompany them throughout the trip. Other, cheaper hotels only offer transfers from Rassada Pier to the hotel. Travel time by ferry takes about two hours, by speedboat – just under an hour.


aerial photography of body of water surrounded with mountains

The route from Krabi to Phi Phi is also possible only by ferry. Ferry services are provided by several piers: Klong Jilad (4 ferries per day with an interval of two hours), Nopparat Thara (departure at 9:00), Railay East on Railay Peninsula (departure at 9:45). The closest to the airport is Klong Jilad pier. You can get there by minibus for 150 baht, or hire a taxi, which will cost 400-500 baht. Travel time is no more than half an hour.

The price of a ferry ticket purchased at the pier will be 5 euros and purchased from a travel agency – 10-15 euros. In addition to the ferry, you can go from Krabi by speedboat. Travel time – 1 hour, fare – from 1000 to 15000 per person. It is important to know! Ferries to Phi Phi are passengers only. They cannot carry cars, motorbikes, and other bulky goods.

Phi Phi is also accessible by ferries departing from Koh Lanta, Ko Jum, and Ko Lipe. Tourists departing from Bangkok first need to get to the city, from where a ferry crossing to Phi Phi is established, and then sail by sea.

Sightseeings in Phi Phi

There are no cultural, historical, or architectural attractions on Phi Phi. The main treasures of the islands are natural resources.

  1. The most popular location is Maya Bay on Phi Phi Lei Island, where director Danny Boyle filmed The Beach. The Bay is surrounded by 100-meter-high rocks, the snow-white ribbon of the beach runs away into the dense thickets of the tropical forest, and colorful coral reefs peep through the clear water. Maya Bay is part of a national park area that is not allowed to live or cook. You can only get to the Bay by sea, taking with you drinking water and food. Swimming in the Bay at night is an exciting opportunity to swim among the plankton glowing in the seawater.
  2. The Viking Cave is the only historical attraction on Phi Phi Lei Island. Inside the cave, rock inscriptions and drawings were preserved depicting elephants and boats with pointed noses, reminiscent of Drakkar. This similarity gave the name of the cave: it is clear that the Vikings did not swim in Thailand. In addition to ancient drawings, there is a stalagmite inside the cave. Locals consider the cave to be a sacred place.
  3. The observation deck of Phi Phi Don Island is located at an altitude of 168 meters above sea level. It offers a magnificent panoramic view of the coast, the main part of the island, and neighboring Phi Phi Lei, Tonsai, and Lo Dolam bays. The entrance to the site is – 1 euro. The territory is equipped with stairs, paths, a gazebo, and benches. The observation deck is the best place to meet sunrises and romantic sunsets.
  4. Hat Noppharat Thara National Park is located on Phi Phi Don island. Wildlife lovers can enjoy wandering through the picturesque tropical thickets, admiring exotic plants, and hearing birdsong. In the vicinity of the park, there are several magnificent beaches, picturesque bays, and two mountains, which the locals call the Phi Phi twins.
  5. Pirate House – a modern landmark of Phi Phi, an ideal place for family holidays. In the most terrible spot of the island, visitors will find a real pirate ship, a lot of weapons, and household items of sea robbers, which can not only be watched but also touched. On the second floor of the house, there is an HD theater, which shows: “The Mine of Horrors”, “The Coaster”, “Racer of the Gorge” and “Space Adventures”.

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