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Thailand: Elite visa and it benefits

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This immigration tool appeared in 2003 at the initiative of the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports and subsequently gained wide popularity and popularity.

Benefits of an Elite Thailand Visa

Bonuses are grouped as follows:

Unique Immigration Tool

Beneficiaries receive a tour visa offering an unlimited number of entries to the Thai territory without reentries. The passport is stamped with an entry stamp for 365 days at any crossing of the Thai border.

Arrival / departure privileges

VIP meetings/escort by a personal assistant. Representation of a corridor for VIPs during the passage of immigration procedures/control. Access to an exclusive lounge area.

State Concierge: Assistance with filing a 90-day report to the immigration office, obtaining a driver’s license, opening a bank account.

Other benefits

Special discounts and bonuses are offered by the King Power Duty-Free chain of duty-free shops, golf clubs, spa centers, medical facilities, hotels, restaurants, bars, and several retailers. Consider the benefits/possibilities of using specific Thailand Elite visas.

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Thailand Elite visa requirements

Persons of any age have the right to apply. Before/after registration (during the period when the Thailand Elite visa is valid), the beneficiary must comply with the following requirements:

  • Avoid imprisonment based on a judgment / legal order of a Thai court / foreign court (excluding a conviction for a crime committed by negligence or for a misdemeanor);
  • Avoid issuing an arrest warrant by the Thai government / foreign government;
  • Avoid being put on the list of persons under the supervision of the Thai government / foreign government;
  • Avoid being declared bankrupt;
  • Avoid being recognized as mentally ill, incapacitated / quasi-capable;
  • Avoid being recognized as a person capable of disturbing the peace / public safety of the Kingdom;
  • Avoid receiving a ban on staying in Thai territory for violation of immigration laws / other laws of this state;
  • Visit/leave the country through the channels, checkpoints, stations/areas specified in the B.E. Immigration Law. 2522 / other laws related to immigration;
  • Pass a check at the border, providing data following the required forms, methods, conditions;
  • Possess a passport (overseas / standard) for affixing a Thailand Elite visa issued by the Thai embassy/consulate abroad / Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thailand Elite visa documents

Thailand Elite visa is issued to foreigners submitting a package of supporting/supporting documents, including the following:

  1. International passport valid for> 12 months ID documents with a minimum of three blank pages are accepted;
  2. Photography (2×2 inches);
  3. In the case of a visa package issued by a family with members under 20, such members will need copies of documents confirming their relationship with the legal representative/holder of a Thailand Elite visa (marriage certificates, birth certificates are suitable);
  4. Completed Thailand Elite Visa Application Form.

Cancellation of immigration status

Thailand Elite visa may be canceled. Termination of immigration status is possible in the following cases:

  • Failure by the holder to comply with the above requirements (see the section “Requirements for applying for a Thailand Elite visa”);
  • Disclosure of the fact that the holder provided false/untrue information when obtaining immigration status;
  • Termination Due to Government Policy: Publication by a competent government agency of an order, rule, regulation, law suspending the operation of the immigration service provider serving the Thailand Elite visa holder (the beneficiary is notified in advance in writing).

Tax information for expats looking for a Thailand Elite visa

The fact of participation in the Thai Elite Visa program is not a basis for imposing additional financial obligations on the beneficiary. But obtaining the status of a Thai tax resident, due to a long stay in the territory of this state, entails certain consequences.

The corresponding status is assigned to persons staying in the Thai territory for more than half a year (183 days) during a calendar year. Fiscal residents of the jurisdiction are required to pay personal income tax on income from Thai / foreign sources. The amount of the fee payable is calculated using a progressive scale of rates (up to 35%).

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