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  • Finding work in Thailand as an expat

    Finding work in Thailand as an expat

    With millions of residents, the country is seen to be the most affordable place in the world for foreigners to live. Its economy continues to grow, thereby attracting more expatriates daily. Republic of Thailand provides its residents a source of living, quality infrastructure, social security, healthcare, friendly taxes, etc. Given the high rate of unemployment…

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  • The top countries for retirement migration in Asia

    The top countries for retirement migration in Asia

    After making the bold move of retiring abroad, one must then decide which foreign nation best suits their needs. Asia is a stunning and culturally rich part of the planet. When considering where to retire in Asia, ex-pats have a wide variety of options.  Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka make International Living’s list…

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  • Working in Thailand as an expat

    Working in Thailand as an expat

    Living and working as an expat in Thailand may be both enriching and fascinating. Here are some factors to think about: Permits to work in Thailand  You need a work permit sponsored by an employer in order to lawfully work here. The company must show that a Thai national is not available for the position.…

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  • The top destinations for foodie travel

    The top destinations for foodie travel

    A magnificent feast of flavors and cuisines is ready to be discovered by keen food travelers throughout the globe. Innumerable locations on the planet provide unmatched culinary delights, from the crowded streets of Tokyo to the serene countryside of Tuscany. In this post, we’ll examine some of the top locations for food tourists in more…

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  • Thailand: work permit guide

    Thailand: work permit guide

    Work Permit in Thailand. Thailand, widely known as the “Land of Smiles,” attracts more than 20 million international visitors to Bangkok alone each year. That number does not include persons who are planning to stay and work in the area for an extended time.

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  • Thailand: Phi Phi island travel tips

    Thailand: Phi Phi island travel tips

    Phi Phi Island – travel guide. In the extent of the Andaman Sea between the mainland of Thailand and the island of Phuket, there is a small archipelago of Phi Phi. It consists of 2 large islands: northern Phi Phi Don and southern Phi Phi Ley, and the other 4 tiny ones: Ko Jung (also…

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  • Thailand: Pattaya travel tips

    Thailand: Pattaya travel tips

    Travel to Pattaya. Pattaya is a city in Thailand located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. In just 50 years, it has grown from an unremarkable fishing village to one of the most popular Thai resorts.

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  • Thailand: best universities

    Thailand: best universities

    Best universities in Thailand for expat. Thailand has been a prominent tourism destination for decades due to its low living cost and welcoming ambiance. Thailand is regarded as the “Land of Smiles” because of its people’s politeness and goodwill toward visitors.

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  • Countries for retirement: Thailand

    Countries for retirement: Thailand

    Retirement in Thailand. There is an opinion that a pension in Thailand is paid to a limited number of people. And the bulk of the elderly is kept old by children and relatives. But it is not so. The pension system in the country was introduced at the beginning of the last century.

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  • Thailand: Elite visa and it benefits

    Thailand: Elite visa and it benefits

    Thai Elite Visa: what is it and how to get. Thailand Elite visa is a long-term tourist multi-visa that allows the holder to cross the border of the host country an unlimited number of times.

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