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Italy: questions from expats

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Here you can find the most basic legal ways of immigration to this country and a popular question regarding this topic.


Can we reunite with a family that has lived in Italy for a long time?

You can move to Italy to live with a family member who is a national of this country. This right is granted by spouses, young children, or adult children who are held in the custody of parents (e.g. disabled persons, severely ill). In some cases, the alien’s family reunification may also be used by the alien’s family (spouse, children) who have obtained a residence permit.


Can an adopted child become an Italian citizen?

Yes, a child or a teenager can become Italian if he was adopted by Italian citizens.


What if I found an employer in Italy? Can I move to live?

This term can be translated as “subordinate employment,” and essentially an employee. If you find an employer in Italy who is willing to formalize your employment relationship, you can move to Italy on that basis. However, it should be borne in mind that, with regard to the reception of foreign workers, the Italian Government establishes certain quotas annually. The only way around them is to be the owner of the so-called European Union Blue Card or just Blue Card.

If everything is in order by quotas and time frames, your employer will submit an electronic request to the Unified Immigration Window (SUI – Sportello unico per l’immigrazione). He will need to confirm that you will have a place and a salary. The employment contract is also provided to the Service.


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What if I find my own job, open a business, or start to work as a freelancer?

Independent workers (Lavoro Autonomo)  can live in Italy if they are: entrepreneurs, farmers, traders, craftsmen, or freelancers.


Can we buy real estate and relocate?

This type of relocation is called – the chosen residence (Residenza elettiva) and is a way for very wealthy people who have enough income to live in the country.


Regarding Permanent Residency

How to get a permanent residence in Italy?

Having lived in the country for 5 years with a temporary residence permit in Italy, you can get a permanent residence. And five years after you have received permanent residence in Italy, if you wish, you can request Italian citizenship.

Italian nationality is granted to foreigners after:

  • 10 years of official residence;
  • 2 years after marriage to an Italian citizen;
  • 3 years after marriage to an Italian citizen;
  • 3 years after marriage to an Italian citizen;
  • 3 years of legal residence for aliens born;
  • 4 years of residence for EU nationals;
  • no period of residence for aliens who were in the public service in Italy for at least five years, even outside the country


The climate, the culture, the architecture of the buildings, the cuisine, and the people themselves are held to thought about moving to Italy. And we hope that you will succeed in it.

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