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  • USA: immigration and living in Florida

    USA: immigration and living in Florida

    Florida – life and immigration. Florida is the ideal state for immigration. The sun shines almost all year round. And in the distant 60s, there was not a single cloudy day for 768 days! Florida has only two seasons – one when it rains and the other when not.

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  • Travel to Egypt from USA

    Travel to Egypt from USA

    How to travel to Egypt from the USA. In 2021 a tourist visa to Egypt from the USA can be obtained upon arrival for a month at any border crossing. Except for the checkpoint with Israel, where only the Sinai stamp is put.

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  • Chicago: 10 places to visit

    Chicago: 10 places to visit

    10 must-see places in Chicago. Do you want to entertain guests from out of town or spend time in your native Chicago, enjoying the cultural and historical sights over and over again? We will suggest places worthy of your attention.

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  • USA: professions for immigrants in 2021

    USA: professions for immigrants in 2021

    Work in the USA in 2021 for immigrants. The United States has a lot of work to provide and it has a low level of unemployment. Unfortunately, the first job for immigrants is not the best, but any job, even the lowest paid, is better than nothing. So how do you find a job in…

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  • USA: best cities to live in 2021

    USA: best cities to live in 2021

    10 best cities to live in the USA – 2021. United States of America – includes more than 19 thousand cities located in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Many cities have several other characteristics, including climate, legislation, living standards, traditions, tax rates, and so on.

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  • USA: apartment and renting

    USA: apartment and renting

    How to rent an apartment in the USA. Residents of the United States most often rent apartments (houses). It is so customary – to rent a house and often move to another area, city, and even state, if, for example, a good job was offered there. Another feature of the American “housing sector” is living…

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  • USA: citizenship through army

    USA: citizenship through army

    US citizenship through the Army. A person who has served in the US Armed Forces for one year (or immediately if serving in a war zone) is indeed eligible for accelerated citizenship. However, the whole difficulty is that you still need to get into the army. And only US citizens or permanent residents are taken…

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  • USA: investor Visa E2

    USA: investor Visa E2

    E2 investor Visa to the United States. To qualify for an E2 investor visa, an applicant must develop and manage the operations of an enterprise in which they have invested or are currently actively investing in a substantial amount.

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  • USA: reasons in visa deny

    USA: reasons in visa deny

    Top 20 reasons why your US visa is denied. The visa officer is not required to explain the reasons for the denial of a visa to the United States. However,  the main problem for the applicant is that the visa officer may suspect a person of intending to immigrate to America.

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  • USA: immigration as a programmer

    USA: immigration as a programmer

    Immigration to the USA as a programmer. US tech companies, including IT, consulting, IT service delivery, and software development, are striving to hire the best IT professionals from around the world. Especially during periods of low unemployment, IT companies need to be as competitive as possible in recruiting, hiring, and retaining the best employees.

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