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USA: best cities to live in 2021

Map of the USA

The choice of the best city for immigration to the United States in 2021, first of all, should be based on personal preferences and goals.

Some go overseas in the hope of finding a job in the United States, others seek to open their own business, and still others to receive a prestigious education at an American university.

Determining which city in the United States is better to live in is very difficult. In part, various international and American agencies can help, which regularly draw up lists of the most comfortable cities to live in.


Austin (Texas)

The best city to live in the US in 2021 is Austin. The capital of Texas is home to just over 1 million people, which is 11 in the country. It is one of the safest cities to live in the United States, with most of the budget spent on police, fire, and emergency services. The city’s economy is growing steadily and unemployment is declining. There are reasonable prices for renting real estate and broad prospects for employment. Austin has a comfortable climate, many interesting restaurants, and clubs. Many people call the city the “World Capital of Live Music”.

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Portland (Oregon)

Portland has a population of about 632,000. It is the largest city in Oregon. Portland is rated very highly by US citizens in terms of quality of life and career opportunities. It hosts many sporting events, numerous art exhibitions, galleries, and museums. In June, you can visit the annual Rose Festival and go skiing in winter. Heavy rains are common in Portland and can be uncomfortable for sun lovers.

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Colorado Springs  (Colorado)

The population of Colorado Springs is about 641 thousand people. The economic potential of the city is impressive. The favorable business climate encourages many large companies to open offices here. Various areas are developing – from the aerospace and military industries to medicine and tourism. Overall, this is one of the best places to do business in the United States.

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The cost of living and tax rates in Colorado Springs are below the national average. It is a very beautiful, sunny and comfortable city. Besides, the city houses the Olympic Training Center. Colorado Springs is the ideal city for family immigration in 2021.

Denver (Colorado)

One of the best cities to live in the United States is also the capital of Colorado, Denver. The population exceeds 732 thousand people. A beautiful panoramic view of the mountains opens up from almost anywhere in the city. Salaries in Denver are slightly above the national average, but rental prices have also risen markedly in recent years.

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One of the most enjoyable moments is sporting events. For example, the city is home to professional clubs that play in the NFL (Denver Broncos), NHL (Colorado Avalanche), and NBA (Denver Nuggets).

Minneapolis (Minnesota)

The population of Minnesota’s largest city, Minneapolis, is about 424.3 thousand people. The concentration of parks and lakes along the Mississippi River attracts a large number of immigrants, both external and internal. A strong economy includes agriculture, banking, medicine, food processing, insurance, and a few other industries. The city hosts many cultural and sporting events, and there are cycling and jogging trails throughout. In short, Minneapolis is a great city to move to in the United States.

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Fayetteville (Arkansas)

The top 6 best cities to live in in the United States closes the small town of Fayetteville in Arkansas with a population of just over 82 thousand people, located on the Ozark plateau. Very nice outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and canoeing. It is home to the largest institution of higher education in the state – the University of Arkansas, so a large number of students live in the city. Fayetteville has a high quality of life, and daily expenses are noticeably lower compared to major US cities.

Huntsville (Alabama)

The cost of living in Huntsville is one of the most affordable among all the settlements presented in the ranking. Also, the city shows an extremely high level of technological development. It is a well-known US rocket and aerospace center. Therefore, the lion’s share of the local workforce is employed by state-owned companies. The population is about 193 thousand people. Despite all the attractiveness for life, it will be quite difficult for foreigners to find work in Huntsville.

De Moine (Iowa)

The population of the American city of Des Moines is only 209 thousand people. There is a thriving labor market and a predominantly skilled workforce is employed in sectors such as medicine, manufacturing, trade, and finance. A high-quality school system and the sector of public services are distinguished. There are over 80 insurance companies in the city, including Allied Insurance.

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The comfortable climate and friendly people make Des Moines one of the best cities for long-term immigration to the United States.

Washington District Columbia

One of the best cities for immigration In 2021. There are about 643 thousand people who will live in the capital of the United States – Washington. Despite the political component, the city is distinguished by a flexible labor market, that is, the local population works not only in public administration but also in many other industries, including medicine and education.

Washington has a favorable climate, a vibrant sports life, and many beautiful parks, gardens, and museums. According to statistics, women in the District of Columbia earn more than any other region of the United States.

Seattle (Washington)

Seattle closes the TOP-10 best cities to live in the USA. The population is estimated at 766.9 thousand people. It is a very beautiful city surrounded by the Pacific Puget Sound and Lake Washington. The world-famous American coffee company Starbucks Corporation was founded here. Seattle hosts interesting music festivals and major sporting events. The disadvantages are high rental prices and a large number of rainy days throughout the year.

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In conclusion, we note that there is no ideal city for life even in such an economically developed country like the United States. There are many factors to consider and prioritize correctly. 

For example, salaries in New York are among the highest in the country, but not everyone dreams of permanent residence in this metropolis. Consider tax laws, food prices, property values, climates, education systems, access to healthcare, cultural backgrounds, and city size.

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