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Travel to Egypt from USA

The cost is $ 25. You need to have a passport (valid for more than six months), a return ticket, and a completed migration card. Payment – at the checkout. In the migration police, the visa can be extended for another month or turned into a double visa.

The Egyptian government plans to change the visa regime: a visa upon arrival will be issued only to package tourists, and independent travelers will obtain an electronic visa. However, while this system is in the process of development, the old rules remain in place.

A free stamp is put to visit the Sinai Peninsula, but it limits you to stay in the country: the period is 15 days, you cannot leave the South Sinai.

How to get to Egypt on your own

When will travel to Egypt be allowed? But nobody forbade them. The USA government only recommended refraining from traveling in connection with the terrorist attacks. Now there are direct flights only from Cairo, and the resorts can be reached with only one or two transfers.

How to reserve a hotel in Egypt on your own

There are many good hotels and hostels in the country – in the range of $ 10-30 per night for two in the center of Cairo (for example, Kings Palace Hotel Cairo 4 *). In Hurghada, prices start at $ 12 for two, but there are many more hotels in the $ 19-30 range. In Sharm el-Sheikh, you can find a room at a discount of $ 8, but mostly good rooms cost $ 16-40.

Suggestions on how to choose and schedule a hotel in Egypt:

  • Please be aware that Egyptian hotel ratings do not match European ones;
  • If you are offered the wrong number that you booked, ask to change it;
  • Before check-in, make sure that everything is in order in the room;
  • Book only hotels with good reviews;
  • Lock your valuables in the safe.

If you want home comfort, rent a room, an apartment, or a house on Airbnb. There are a lot of fascinating and sometimes even exotic offers! It is especially beneficial for families or groups of friends. In Cairo, you can rent an apartment for $ 12 per night for two. There are many good options for $ 20-35 (the average price is $ 78). In Hurghada, there are apartments for $ 20. In Sharm el-Sheikh – from $ 13. But this is rare, mostly for $ 40 and above (average price – $ 59). Long-term rentals are usually cheaper.

five persons riding camels walking on sand beside Pyramid of Egypt

Transport in Egypt

You can travel between cities by plane, bus and train. There are also fixed-route taxis, where, when boarding, you need to negotiate the fare (bargain), it is better to write it down. But on buses, prices and schedules are usually fixed.

According to reports, the train is the most comfortable means to explore independently in Egypt. Get air-conditioned first-class tickets. Buy them in advance. Remember that trains are usually not punctual. 

There is a subway in Cairo. You can sail along the Nile by boat. There is also a ferry connecting Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

Deciding to rent a car? Be attentive and careful – the concepts of driving in Egypt are peculiar. Asphalt leaves much to be desired, and warning signs are not everywhere. Look for cheap cars on Skyscanner Car Hire.

Transport prices in Egypt:

  • Mini Buses in Hurghada – about 1 Egyptian pound;
  • Metro in Cairo – $ 0.11;
  • Bus of the airport to the town of Cairo – $ 0.22-0.34;
  • 3 km taxi in Cairo – 0.80 to 1 $.

Taxi drivers in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh are proud: they don’t practice the meter, and costs are 2-3 times higher. In order not to be deceived, use trusted companies, for example, KiwiTaxi.

Food prices in Egypt in 2021

If you are going to travel to Egypt on your own, it is crucial to know the food prices. Local fruits and vegetables are cheap. Imported ones are more expensive. If you know how to bargain well, you can buy food in the markets. In shops and supermarkets, food prices are reasonable: for example, a carton of milk (1 liter) costs about $ 1, a loaf of bread – $ 0.5-0.7, a kilogram of oranges about $ 0.5 per kg.

You can eat at an inexpensive cafe for $ 3-5 per person, lunch at a restaurant – from $ 10. In cafes for locals, you can find very cheap food – from $ 1 to $ 5 per dish (in Cairo, for example). But in Sharm el-Sheikh it is more expensive, as the city is focused on vacationers.

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