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  • Finding work in Egypt as an expat

    Finding work in Egypt as an expat

    Located in North Africa, the ancient city of Egypt is known to be the cradle of civilization, and one of the oldest nations in the world. With its developed economy and relatively stable political system, its government can offer its citizens a quality standard of living, amenities, and a source of income. This country is…

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  • Working in Egypt as an expat

    Working in Egypt as an expat

    Many people have Egypt in mind as a potential vacation spot because of its many well-known attractions. Living expenses are minimal, and those who relocate to Cairo, Egypt’s capital, can easily find employment if they so desire. The city attracts many foreigners in search of jobs, especially those from the United States and Europe. Since…

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  • Egypt: travel from Singapore

    Egypt: travel from Singapore

    Travel to Egypt from Singapore. The holiday season on the Red Sea lasts all year round, and on the Mediterranean coast begins in May. The southern part of the Sinai Peninsula attracts tourists with excellent beaches, water sports, and the beauty of underwater flora and fauna.

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  • Egypt: best universities for immigrant

    Egypt: best universities for immigrant

    Best universities to apply for in Egypt as an expat. Egypt is one of the world’s earliest historical cradles. Thanks to its beautiful pyramids and long-standing sphinx, it stays the leading tourism site for culture lovers and archaeology fans worldwide.

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  • Travel to Egypt from USA

    Travel to Egypt from USA

    How to travel to Egypt from the USA. In 2021 a tourist visa to Egypt from the USA can be obtained upon arrival for a month at any border crossing. Except for the checkpoint with Israel, where only the Sinai stamp is put.

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  • Egypt: apply for visa in 2021

    Egypt: apply for visa in 2021

    Visa to Egypt in 2021. As in many countries, Egypt has a ubiquitous mask regime. All people need to wear masks in transport, shops and other public places. Egypt provides for a fine for non-compliance with this rule. Nevertheless, few people observe it. It is not to say that this is strictly controlling.

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