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USA: professions for immigrants in 2021

Job in USA

Catering business

Such work is more suitable for young people, for people who do not have a family. Because you have to work at any time of the day, usually in the evening and at night, on any day of the week, especially on weekends. Bartenders and waiters receive half the minimum ($ 6-9) + tip.

If your English is not as good as it should be in order to get a job as a waiter, then first you can get a dishwasher or an assistant chef in the kitchen. There will be a higher salary, but no tips. The employer usually offers to work no more than 40 hours a week. Don’t forget that taxes are about 10% of your salary.

Hotel business

You can make a very good career there. Of course, you have to learn a little more, but if you have a desire, then everything will work out. You can start at the front desk. But you need to speak good English because work is closely related to communicating with clients, especially over the phone.

You can also get a job as a maid or work in a laundry. It is difficult for Europeans to get into a hotel because of the great competition in the form of the population of South America, in particular the Mexicans.


This is the cleaning of private residences (houses, apartments) or commercial premises. You won’t make a lot of money on such a job, but the minimum will be. Tips are often left in private homes.


You can count on $ 8-10 per hour. Babysitters are employed by babies as well as pretty adult teens. You can find a nanny job with accommodation.


This is a nurse who looks after the elderly or seriously ill people. It is physically hard work, and besides, it is not always easy to find a common language with old people. Most often caregivers are required with accommodation.


You can try to get a job in a supermarket at the checkout or in a sales area.


For men, the most popular option is to get a job as a laborer somewhere in production or the service sector (repairs, etc.).

Office work

For those who speak English well, you can get a job in an office. Initially, you will be hired as a clerk, but over time you can make a career. There are also data entry vacancies (data entry specialists). For this job, you need to have a good command of a computer and quickly type. 

These are the most common professions for expats. There are many directions.

Ways to look for a job in the USA

  • Advertisements in newspapers or on the Internet

Do not hesitate to ask neighbors and acquaintances about the work. Americans are very sociable people, so you can start a conversation with any passer-by. When someone speaks to you, be sure to tell them that you are looking for a job. If you communicate, then you have a chance to find a job much faster than if you wait. Also, look around. You can often see an announcement that an organization needs workers.

You can go even where there are no ads and offer your services. Do not hesitate to visit the same place several times (not every day, of course, but once every one or two weeks you can). Perhaps people will appreciate your persistence and find some work for you.

  • Create a resume

If you are applying for an unskilled job, then you should not mention higher education in the interview, because this can scare off employers. Try not only to send your resume by mail but also to enter your resume in person. Many employers will appreciate that you took the trouble and stopped by. 

We hope our tips on how to find a job in the USA will be useful to you!

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