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  • Finding a job in Ukraine as an expat

    Finding a job in Ukraine as an expat

    Located in Eastern Europe bordering Russia to the west and the Black Sea to its south, Ukraine covers over 603,000 square kilometers, which makes it the largest country in Europe. Industry plays a big role in the Ukrainian economy. The top industries are power production, chemical and gas industry, metallurgy, machine-building and metalworking, woodworking, construction,…

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  • Ukraine: best universities for immigrants

    Ukraine: best universities for immigrants

    Best Universities to apply for in Ukraine as an Expat. The literacy ratio in Ukraine is almost perfect at 99.4 percent, thanks to the profusion of all types of educational facilities, especially free tuition up to high school and a variety of government and universities.

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  • Ukraine: work permit obtaining

    Ukraine: work permit obtaining

    Get a work permit in Ukraine. Every year a large number of foreigners come to work in Ukraine. According to Ukrainian law, to officially get a job, a foreign person must obtain a work permit.

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  • Ukraine: citizenship and passport

    Ukraine: citizenship and passport

    Passport of Ukraine – citizenship. If you are planning to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, you should know that the grounds for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship are, according to the law of Ukraine, Article 6.

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  • Types and acquisition of visa to Ukraine

    Types and acquisition of visa to Ukraine

    Ukrainian visa acquisition. As in the case with a large number of countries, to enter Ukraine, the foreigners have to issue a visa. The type of visa, its cost and procedure for receiving depend on the country you live in, your purpose to enter Ukraine and the period of time you are going to stay…

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  • Ukraine for Tourism

    Ukraine for Tourism

    Places to visit in Ukraine. Ukraine is one of the biggest and oldest countries in Europe with a huge number of popular tourist attractions. Its rich history and unique culture draw the attention of lots of foreign visitors.

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