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Ukraine: work permit obtaining

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A work permit for foreigners and stateless persons is a document that grants the employer the right to temporarily use the labor of a foreigner at a specific workplace or position.

A foreigner can work in one or more positions, not limited to one company, subject to obtaining permission for each of these positions.


Who doesn’t need to get a work permit in Ukraine?

Employment is carried out without obtaining a work permit:

  • foreigners permanently residing in Ukraine (received a residence permit in Ukraine);
  • received permission to immigrate to Ukraine or foreigners who have received refugee status;
  • foreigners who are recognized as persons in need of complementary protection, or who have been granted temporary protection in Ukraine;
  • representatives of the foreign sea (river) fleet and airlines that operate on the territory of Ukraine;
  • foreign media employees accredited to work in Ukraine;
  • artists, art workers, and athletes who have received professional status and come to Ukraine to work in their specialty;
  • emergency workers for urgent work;
  • employees of foreign missions who are registered on the territory of Ukraine in the manner prescribed by law;
  • clergymen who are foreigners and are temporarily in Ukraine at the invitation of religious organizations to carry out canonical activities only in such organizations with official approval from the body that registered the charter of the corresponding religious organization;
  • foreigners who will participate in the implementation of international technical assistance projects in Ukraine;
  • foreigners who arrived in Ukraine to conduct teaching and or scientific activities in higher educational institutions at their invitation;
  • other foreigners in cases stipulated by the laws and international treaties of Ukraine consent to be bound by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Who needs to get a work permit?

The employer is obliged to obtain a permit in the case of employment of foreigners and stateless persons who have arrived in Ukraine for employment for a certain period. Separately, a special category of foreigners and stateless persons can be distinguished, the conditions for obtaining a work permit for which differ significantly.

A special category includes:

  • foreign highly paid professionals (wages of at least 50 minimum wages)
  • participants, founders or beneficiaries (controllers) of a legal entity established in Ukraine;
  • graduates of universities included in the first hundred in world rankings, under the list determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
  • foreign workers of creative professions;
  • foreign IT professionals.

Also, some differences in the procedure are provided for other categories, such as:

  • posted foreign workers;
  • incorporate assignees;
  • foreigners in respect of whom a decision has been made to issue documents to resolve the issue of recognition as a refugee or a person who requires subsidiary protection.

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Features of obtaining a work permit in Ukraine for foreigners

To become a full-fledged employee in Ukraine, it is important to go through clear procedures established by state bodies. First of all, it is important to consider the following features of the law:

  • you need to contact the employment service with documents no earlier than 15 days after the vacancy report was submitted;
  • the employment service can decide to issue a work permit fifteen days before the documents were registered;
  • the employer must transfer four minimum wages to the employment service as soon as a positive decision is made;
  • when the required amount for issuing the decision was credited, the territorial authority issues this document to the employer within ten days.

How to get a work permit in Ukraine

The peculiarity of such a permit is that it is issued for a maximum of one year. It can also be extended only for one year. If you get a job without permission, then this entails penalties for the employer and the employee.

Among the main documents that must be provided include an application for obtaining a work permit and a certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. All papers must be drawn up correctly, under the guidance of experienced professionals. Only then will the permitting procedure go smoothly and on time.


Documents for obtaining a work permit in Ukraine

The most important requirement for obtaining a permit is the collection of the necessary documents:

  • The employer’s statement that he needs to hire a foreigner for a specific position;
  • Help that this work has nothing to do with state secrets;
  • A document that confirms the level of education of a foreigner with a translation into Ukrainian;
  • A copy of a person’s passport, certified in the prescribed form;
  • A certificate that a foreigner has no criminal record;
  • Mental health medical document;
  • Employer’s receipt for payment of the duty.

Depending on the specific situation, the list of documents may differ. That is why it is important to draw up all the necessary documents as soon as possible and consult an experienced specialist on this matter.

A work permit is issued for a specific term. Upon its completion, it will be possible to extend this term. To do this, you need to spend significantly fewer documents, and the operation itself will be much faster.

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