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Ukraine: best universities for immigrants

Flag of Ukraine

Because of the nation’s emphasis on all Ukrainians’ learning, the country provides many secondary schooling organizations where international students are treated equally and at low tuition prices.

Universities in Ukraine: Facts

  • According to the Higher Learning Act of 2002, there are four forms of advanced schooling, each with its certification. 
  • The first high school was founded in the 16th century. There are nearly 800 institutions in Ukraine that provide high education training in various tongues, notably English. 
  • Ukraine’s institutions generate the fourth-largest number of qualified students in Europe.

Lviv National Agrarian University

The University evolved into a standard specialized academic facility with some aspects of higher education to facilitate continuous agriculture development through research trials and investigations. More than 20 academics and affiliated fellows of department universities of technologies work at the University.

Top university professors use advanced educational tools, new methodologies, and training techniques. The Institution developed the necessary facilities for learners to receive high-quality teaching during the course year. Students attend lectures in specially designed learning halls and labs. Study areas are available to students, notably the library at the student’s dormitory. There are also technology lessons with an Internet connection.

Kharkiv National university 

The educational, social, and religious heritage of Ukraine is intertwined with the past of Kharkiv National University. Kharkiv University is connected with the titles of several world-renowned academics, scientists, and administrators.

The University was the catalyst for the Kharkiv Area’s entire higher schooling structure. The National Pharmaceutical Academy, Kharkiv Pedagogical University, and other higher education institutions are its heirs.

The departments in University include:

  • Department of Biological Sciences
  • Department and Innovation
  • Department of Broadcasting Science 
  • Department of Thermodynamics
  • Department of Computer Sciences
  • Department of Ideology
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Geosciences and Geographical features
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Applied Linguistics
  • Department of History
  • Department of Philology
  • Department of Basic Pharmaceuticals
  • Department of Biochemistry
  • Department of Social science
  • Department of Laws
  • Department of Global Financial Affairs and Tourism
  • Department of Mathematics and Department of Power Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of psychology

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Crimea state medical university 

Crimea Medical Academy has developed an integrated strategy for the teaching programs such as organizational, technical, and practical components. All of the required tools and presentation materials are available in the medical centers. Instructional videos and medical inventories have been done to ensure that the training process meets modern standards.

The University is especially renowned for its professionally trained faculty members, which numbers 799 teachers and includes 106 Professors of Philosophy, Teachers, and 524 Candidates of Scientific research, Assistant Lecturers. 

International students have been studying at the Medical University for 45 years. Six pupils from Greece visited us in 1961, and 22 learners from Iraq, Sudan, and Yemen visited us in 1962. Since then, the percentage of students and the list of nations whose nationals have studied at the Crimean State Medical University has grown with each passing season. About 2.5 thousand experts have been educated for medical facilities in over 100 nations over the last several years.

Why should you study in Ukraine? 

Ukraine, which is positioned in the heart of Europe, is a paradise for higher study. It is regarded as one of the top educational locations. It is made up of over 800 colleges and universities that offer inexpensive fees to overseas students.

Overall, several governments, private higher education universities, and a large variety of overseas agencies provide a huge spectrum of Bachelor’s programs. Furthermore, due to the large proportion of higher education students, Ukraine’s reputation as a nation that values and promotes higher education has been established.

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