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  • Japan: work visa obtaining

    Japan: work visa obtaining

    Getting an employment visa (work permit in Japan). It is an island country situated in East Asia. Japan is one of the most popular countries in the world, attracting millions of people every time. This island nation has a lot to offer, from culture to modern cosmopolises, to history and nature.

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  • Japan: best universities

    Japan: best universities

    The best universities to apply in Japan. The country is an islet in East Asia, located in the northwest Pacific Ocean. The Japan University Rankings are calculated gleaned from four broad “pillars” (assets, engagement, aftermath, and surroundings) covering 16 performance pointers.

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  • Japan: retire for the Americans

    Japan: retire for the Americans

    How to retire in Japan as a US citizen. Japan is known for bullet trains, amazing cookery, and some of the cleanest, waste-free roadways in the world. In general, the nation is a stupendous place to both visit and live.

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  • Japan: learning the Japanese

    Japan: learning the Japanese

    Study Japanese in Japan. Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It is the center of the most densely populated urbanization zone in the world. Tokyo is the business, educational, cultural, and government center of Japan. This city can be called a “Mecca” of high technology.

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  • Japan: immigration programs in 2021

    Japan: immigration programs in 2021

    Japanese passport and immigration programs 2021. Immigration to Japan is a complex procedure consisting of several stages, but getting a Japanese passport is quite within the power of any person who is purposeful in resolving this issue.

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  • Japan: 10 things you have to do

    Japan: 10 things you have to do

    TOP 10 things you must do in Japan. Japan is a distant and mysterious country. To facilitate the task of composing your tour, we offer a minimum program: what to visit, what to see, what to do in the distant and amazing Land of the Rising Sun.

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  • Japan for studying

    Japan for studying

    Student Visa To Japan. Getting a student visa to study in Japan is a superb plan. However, students first must get a Japanese student Visa to study in Japan.

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  • Types of Visa: Japan

    Types of Visa: Japan

    Types of visa in Japan. Living in Japan requires a visa. In case of a long-term stay, a long-term visa as it is the most appropriate for your intended activities in Japan. However, there are various types of visas in the Japanese country.

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  • How to apply for Japanese visa

    How to apply for Japanese visa

    Japanese visa application procedure. There are different visa acquisition requirements for various types of visas in Japan. One must know what are the documents, before applying. The documents to submit are usually the same within one visa category.

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  • Immigration in Japan

    Immigration in Japan

    History of immigration in Japan. Japan’s immigration has a long history. Mainly due to remoteness and geographical isolation, the integration of foreigners into society was limited. Things have started changing rapidly in the end of the 19th century.

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