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Japan: immigration programs in 2021

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There are special programs for immigration to Japan about them and will be discussed further.

Benefits of Immigration to Japan

Moving to this Asian country has several difficulties: difficult language, adaptation to the cultural characteristics of the country, job search. However, there are still more advantages.

Climate in Japan

Japan is an island-type country, whose territory stretches from north to south. Therefore, the climate in different parts of the state is very different.

The economy of Japan

Japan has one of the highest GDP – stable economy and good living conditions;

Japanese security

The low crime rate, practically the best indicator in the whole world;

Job in Japan

In Japan, qualified specialists are highly valued, who can always find themselves a promising place in a reputable company of international level.

Travels around the world with a Japanese passport 

A Japanese passport gives its holder the right to visa-free travel to 191 countries and regions, which has brought it to the first place in the world.

The advantages of living in Japan significantly outweigh the disadvantages of adapting to an unfamiliar environment, so you should not be afraid to immigrate to this state.

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The popularity of immigration to Japan

For foreigners, Japan is not the most popular country to move to. It gained the greatest popularity as a country for immigration among residents of Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, and China. Despite the abundance of people coming to Japan, only those who were able to marry a Japanese citizen or officially find a job here can get a Japanese passport. In 2016, more than 7,000 refugees were registered in Japan, and only 27 of this mass were able to obtain the right to stay in the territory for a long time.

Immigration conditions to Japan

To get a Japanese passport, you first need to legally reside in the country for 5 years. Immigration to Japan is possible through the following methods:

Marrying a Japanese citizen

You should not try to enter into a fictitious marriage, as special authorities will reveal this fact within several years and deport you back. Finding a real partner is not so difficult: on social networks, the Japanese actively get to know foreigners, as they like foreign culture and enjoy spending time with foreigners.

Official employment

The first step is to get an official job offer from your employer. Without this document, the Japanese authorities are not allowed to issue you a visa with the right to long-term residence in the country. By the way, the most popular areas for employment are IT technologies, engineering, teaching, high technologies (robotics).

Study in Japan

If a student is going to study in Japan for more than 90 days a year, then he needs to apply for a general visa. This visa is issued at the embassies of Japan, and the administration of the educational institution to which the foreigner enters can also help with obtaining this document.

JET is a study program in Japan

A program through which almost anyone can come to Japan to start teaching their native language here. To enroll in candidates for the program, you must contact the Japanese Consulate in your country.

Starting your own business

The Japanese authorities actively support foreigners wishing to open a personal business in their country.

In case of illegal entry into the territory of Japan, a person will be prohibited from entering this country for at least 10 years. You should not violate the law, but rather use legal methods to obtain the right to reside.

If you wish to reside in Japan for more than 90 days a year, then you should use one of the methods described above to obtain a long-term visa. If you want to stay in this country for less than 90 days, then a short-term visa is also suitable.

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Visas to Japan

There are several types of Japan visas:

  • Short-term (up to 90 days);
  • Working (from 3 months to 3 years);
  • Special (3 years) – issued to foreigners who are married to a Japanese citizen or have a son/daughter;
  • Transit;
  • Diplomatic.

A Japanese visa is made at the appropriate embassy at the place of residence. The registration itself is free, but you have to pay from 10 to 20 dollars for sending documents. If you make a visa to Japan through a travel agency, then its price can rise to $ 100.

You can find out more about visas to Japan below.

How to get a Japanese passport?

Obtaining Japanese citizenship is not easy. Of course, if a child is born in Japan to Japanese parents, he/she will become a citizen. If a child was born in a mixed family, then he has the right to be a citizen of both Japan and a citizen of the country of the second parent, but from the age of 18, the person must decide which citizenship to leave.

Adult foreigners have the right to citizenship through naturalization. The requirements are as follows:

  • Officially reside in the country for 5 consecutive years;
  • Be at the age of 20 and have legal capacity;
  • Independently support or be in the care of parents or spouse;
  • Not violate the laws and regulations of Japan while you are in its territory;
  • Knowledge of Japanese;
  • Lack of citizenship of another state.

Besides, to obtain a Japanese passport, you will have to go through two interviews with an officer of the migration service. In the course of communication, they find out the degree of interest in obtaining Japanese citizenship, the availability of funds (the applicant must have at least $ 25,000). They may ask neighbors or your boss about you and your behavior.

And although it is officially required 5 years, this period can be increased until you become like a Japanese and fully integrate into society.

How to get dual citizenship in Japan?

Japan does not allow dual citizenship. It is allowed on special occasions for children from a mixed pair, but again, they will eventually have to choose one to their liking.

As a result, you will have a Japanese passport that allows you to travel to 153 countries without a visa.

Best cities for immigration to Japan

Many immigrants go directly to the capital of Japan – Tokyo, a large metropolis, in which you can find a place for yourself and discover your opportunities. Next in popularity is the city of Osaka, which has a well-developed agricultural sector, as well as a lot of attention is paid to the field of high technology. The notorious Nagasaki is considered a major port city and a popular destination for migrants. It also has a well-developed infrastructure and many jobs.

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