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Japan: work visa obtaining

Japan - work permit

That is the reason why the country has waived visas for citizens of several countries. They also intend to make the visa operation process easier for citizens of the countries who do need a visa by administering an online operation system.

Steps on how to get Japan to work Visa operation

For the time being, the Japanese government only issues visas through its Delegations or Consulates abroad. Therefore, the process for a Japan visa operation is as follows.

  1. Find and communicate with a Japanese Embassy or Consulate near you.
  2. Collect the demanded documents.
  3. Submit the Japan visa operation.
  4. Collect the visa.

Still, before you submit the visa operation at the Embassy or Consulate, you have to get a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from an Immigration Office in Japan through an authorized representative, If you will request a Long-Term Visa. After you acquire your Japan visa and trip to Japan, you will get a Landing Permit at the harborage of entry, which will abate your visa.

First and foremost what you should undertake when you have made up your mind to apply for a visa to work in Japan is to find out if there is a Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country and communicate with them. Interrogate about the demanded documents, opening and ending hours, and make an appointment.

Still, you have to find which Japanese representative office is responsible for your governance, analogous to one in a neighboring country, and apply there. Or

find an accredited trip agency or visa operation agency that will submit the operation on your behalf. If there is no Japanese Political Representation in your country.

As a matter of fact, some Japanese Delegations or Consulates only accept visa operation submissions through third-party agencies, not in person.


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Conditions for a Japanese work visa

  • The Certificate of Eligibility.
  • The Work Visa operation Form was completed and signed. You can download a dupe of the operation form from the website of the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (also).
  • A legitimate passport along with photocopies of it.
  • Passport-size cinema with the following specifications;
  • Confines 4 cm x 3 cm.
  • Taken within the last three months.
  • Plain white background, without any patterns and murk.
  • The picture must be of good quality (concentrated, clear, and sharp).

Documents attesting to your former academic and professional history. Documents related to the entering company, analogous as company registration, statement of profit and loss, etc.

 For religious workers:

  • Documents that show the details of the religious association transferring you to Japan.
  • Documents that show the details of the entering Japanese association.

For researchers:

  • Documents related to the entering association.
  • Academic and professional qualifications.

 For instructors or instructors:

  • Documents related to the entering association.
  • Academic qualifications or an educational license.
  • Any fresh documents that the Japanese Embassy or Consulate requests, depending on your profession.

Generally, a Japan Visa is reused within five working days, starting from the time that the Embassy or Consulate receives your completed operation. Still, if they need further documentation from you, it will take longer. However, also the processing time for your Japan Visa could be extended to over a month If they have to relate your visa for further examination to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo

Immigrants who come to  Japan with an aim of taking up paid employment need a Japan Work consists of 3 different types of Work Visas for Japan. Firstly we have the regular Japan Work Visa, which is issued for a number of professions analogous to a professor or artist. 

Secondly, we have a Japan Largely Skilled Professional Visa, which is issued through a point-predicated system and offers a longer period of stay and further benefits than a regular Work Visa. Japan Working Holiday Visa, which is issued to citizens of countries who have a Working Holiday agreement with Japan. 


Who can apply?

  • Artists are analogous to, composers, and sculptors.
  • Business directors are analogous to a company president, or director.
  • Architect or specialist in humanities or international services, analogous to a scientific or IT architect, a guru or copywriter, a foreign language teacher, inventor.
  • Entertainer, analogous to an actor, musician, singer, dancer, sportsperson.
  • Educator or teacher at fundamental, intermediate seminaries, or high academe.
  • Intelligencers, are analogous to review or magazine intelligencers, editors, and news cameramen.
  • Legal or counting workers, analogous as attorneys, judicial scriveners, public accountants, duty accountants.
  • Medical services are analogous to dentists.
  • Professor, analogous to a university professor or a peripheral professor.
  • Religious Exertion is analogous to monks, bishops, and missionaries.
  • Researchers at disquisition institutes.

Professed workers, analogous as foreign cooks, beast trainers, fliers, sports trainers, or strangers who have moxie and chops in certain artificial fields, etc.

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