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Japan: 10 things you have to do

1. Take a ride in the Tokyo subway (especially since you still can’t do without it)

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From the airport “Narita Express” takes you to the capital, and there it is waiting for you – the Tokyo subway. Every gaijin (foreigner in Japanese) in Japan must pass a special test: to find the right transfer, carrying a suitcase, not forgetting that the movement in the crowd is left-hand, and trying to figure out the hieroglyphs on the inscriptions, because they are not translated into English everywhere … The Japanese metro is one of the largest and most complex in the world, some of its lines are private, so you will have to buy separate tickets for it.

True, in a few days you will get used to it and realize that it is extremely logical, but in the first days, the subway in Tokyo will seem like hell. Here, by the way, you can see certain signs of Japan: at metro stations, almost all residents look into their mobile phones: they play, check mail, chat on ICQ – here high technologies for most of us are already every day. And if you wait for longer, you may come across specialized carriages, for example, only for women.

2. Play any games for only $ 20

For just $ 20, you will receive a bracelet that will give you the opportunity for three hours to enjoy archery, basketball, tennis, football, badminton, bowling, and other exciting games under one roof at Round1 / Spo-Cha. In addition, video games and various highly realistic simulations will be available to you.

3. Visit Tokyo TV Tower

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Being in Tokyo and not visiting the local TV tower is like not visiting the Eiffel in Paris – consider that I was in vain. Surrounded by roses, this tower is a favorite setting for many Japanese films and cartoons. And there it is regularly destroyed, but in fact, it stands still, intact. By the way, if a travel agent tries at your request, then you can settle in it: the hotel in the Tokyo Tower is one of the cheapest and most conveniently located in the capital.

But even if you do not settle, then by all means go up to the highest observation deck to see the entire historical center of Tokyo from there.

4. Watch the freaks on Harajuku

This is the place where all the world fashion begins, where the guys from the Fruits magazine take their photos and where young Japanese people just express themselves on weekends. So it’s better to go here on Saturday or Sunday. Here you can see characters from anime and films, cybergoths and gothic lolita, and anything else. Moreover, the guys happily pose for those who want to photograph them, and they especially love foreigners.

By the way, pay attention to what kind of shoes they have and what styles of clothes they have for those who don’t look particularly stunning: in a season these motifs will appear on the high fashion catwalks.

5. Allow yourself to shop in Akihabara

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Akihabara is a local “Gorbushka”, or rather, something much more. Anime, films, games, audio, and video equipment of the most inconceivable designs and colors are here. With a lack of knowledge of the language and in the seeming randomness of small shops that make up a whole block and many more floors, you can temporarily go crazy. And at the same time collect several souvenirs for family and friends.

6. … and shopping in Shibuya

Shibuya is home to some of Japan’s most famous fashion stores for young people. Leaving the subway at Shibuya Station, you can’t miss the biggest trendy supermarket. To see what to wear and how to wear it today and what will be tomorrow in the fashion world. And at the same time, by the way, take a look at the monument to the faithful dog and the monument to the green tram.

7. Become a fan of sumo wrestling

In Japan, six tournaments are held annually in different cities. And, believe me, this sight is worthy of your attention, so it is worth planning your trip in such a way as to get at least one of them. Remember that tickets for this action must be purchased in advance.

8. Visit a ramen restaurant

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Ramen is poor food, just like sushi, but insanely popularized. Ramen restaurants – street eateries, and sometimes just stalls where noodles are prepared right in front of your eyes. But for a Japanese fleeing from work or a tired and hungry tourist, this is what you need. A cup of hot noodles (by the way, delicious, check), for example, in the Roppongi area, will refresh you for further running around the city.

9. Taste real sushi

What we eat in our country is the wrong sushi. Any Japanese chef will tell you this. Therefore, get up early in the morning, at six o’clock, when the fish market opens, and go there, to the small eatery “Sushizanmai”, where more than thirty varieties of sushi will be prepared for you from the freshest seafood, and for ridiculous money – the average cost of one sushi in our money, about 30 rubles.

By the way, you will not see rolls here, because it is not Japanese, but Korean national food, and in Japanese restaurants of foreign countries they are introduced for the convenience of Europeans.

10. Ride the Shinkansen and have lunch bento

The fastest and most comfortable train in the world – “Shinkansen” – one of the symbols of Japan. To be in Hokkaido and not ride it to the suburbs of Tokyo, once historically significant, and now just industrial is to miss one of the facets of this amazing country. Because the electric trains here, like the metro, are not late but come every minute. And at the terminal station or any of the intermediate stations, you can get out onto the platform and buy real Japanese bento from any of the local hawkers – lunch in a box.

By the way, you will hardly be able to take it out of the country – bento and its boxes (not plastic, but those made of wood) are considered a national treasure and are prohibited for export. Also, by the way, do not forget to visit Fujiyama. This is, of course, a suburb, but still. And keep in mind that the ascent to the very top is difficult and takes place in two stages, with a short overnight stay at the top and meet the dawn. And upstairs it is cold and damp.

So, if you decide on this feat, dress warmly, especially since it’s not summer anymore. But you will be rewarded for sure, because now in Japan it is the season of flowering of the Momiji maples, and all the slopes of the most famous dormant volcano in Japan are strewn with them.

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